Bandai shows off their 1/72 Transformable VF-1 at the Shizuoka Hobby Show

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Bandai debuts its perfect transformation 1/72 scale plamodel at the Shizuoka Hobby Show . 


The kit is shown with the VF-1S Strike, the VF-1A Battroid, another VF-1S in fighter mode and what looks like another VF-1A in GERWALK. This is Bandai’s lastest version of the VF-1 since the 1/100 transformable toy. While the detail is impressive, there’s some huge shortcomings overall aesthetically. But with the lack of Macross products in the market, will this lone representation of the 30 year old design prevail in the market?

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EDIT: Bandai 1/72 Transformable VF-1A/S Now on Pre-Order w/ even more pictures added.


bandai 1-72 vf-1 battroidWMI’m surprised to see Bandai’s new 1/72 VF-1 triple changing kit on preorder already. We’ve been following their updates ever since they announced it late October of last year. I’m not surprised because it seems that it’s development has been fast, but to announce it while it’s so off model from anything we’ve seen since the 1/55 or the those Banpresto 1/72 we used to buy for less than $10. From the huge head to the large upper leg that is the intakes in Fighter mode, I’ve never really expected to see anything like this at this day and age. The 1/55s I can’t or would ever complain about, but in 2013 and on the heels of Hasegawas and Yamato releases, it’s pretty mind boggling how a major company like this can’t or doesn’t seem to understand a well documented design. And this has all been after the improvements that they wrote about on their project blog. Sometimes it makes me wonder whether or not bandai uses engineers that has seen Macross shows or books before. If it doesn’t work then we’ll blame it on how people don’t really like Macross anymore or how the economy sucks for toy companies that support this franchise, especially after the whole Yamato debacle. If it does work then maybe we’re doomed to  Macross products that are off model and pretty much dismisses line art. Hopefully there’s still a version 3 to this rendition before it actually goes on sale, or it’s a lose-lose scenario for Macross collectors

Amazon product page

Initial Announcement


Update with new pics posted by ahiachris

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VF Modeling Manual

VF Modeling Manual 01
Just received in the mail today.  New, from Softbank Creative publishing, is the VF Modeling Manual.
ISBN 978-4-7973-6809-3 ¥2500

VF Modeling Manual 02

127 pages of full-color model goodness. The first quarter of the book has stories that feature various squadrons of the Macross universe, only instead of using CG images like in the regular Master Files, they use pictures of various Hasegawa models.

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New CADs for the Bandai 1/72 VF-1 Transformable Plamodel Kit

Bandai posted the new updated CAD designs for their upcoming 1/72VF-1 Valkykrie PlaModel.



On the article, the developer states how far the design has come since the last reveal and that they are still working on thickening the arms for battroid mode and strengthening the ankles for a more secure stance. Not only are they working on the articulation features, but he is hoping to have a rapid prototype with the transformation gimmick in place for the next media event.

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Winter Wonderfest “Macross Stage” to be streamed live

It has been revealed that a special Macross-themed mini live event featuring Haruka Chisuga (winner of the real-life Miss Macross contest and singer of the Macross 30 PS3 game theme song) and Yoshiki “Basara” Fukuyama will be held at Winter Wonderfest 2013.  If you can’t attend, not to worry, because it will be streamed online, courtesy of Max Factory and Good Smile Company!

As well as this, Miss Chisuga will appear alongside May’n (Sheryl Nome) for a special talk show, also to be streamed online.


Chisuga/Fukuyama gig here:


And Chisuga/May’n talk here:


FRAME OUT announces “Macross The Ride” kits for Winter Wonderfest 2013

With about two weeks to go until Winter Wonderfest 2013, some of the garage kit makers have been unveiling previews of their exclusive wares for the big event.  Here are Frame Out’s offerings, from Macross The Ride.  Note that these are conversion kits and you will need the appropriate Hasegawa YF-19 and/or VF-1 kits to make these.  Oh, and modeling skills wouldn’t hurt.


Frame Out’s site:


Special Limited Edition Egg Valkyries from Hasegawa


Hasegawa is happy to present two limited edition Egg Plane Valkyries from the serialization, Macross The Ride. These are the same kits that were release previously with special decals included inspired by the custom Valkyries in the Dengeki Hobby featured story. Both are Japan only availability for 1575円 each.



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