VF Modeling Manual

VF Modeling Manual 01
Just received in the mail today.  New, from Softbank Creative publishing, is the VF Modeling Manual.
ISBN 978-4-7973-6809-3 ¥2500

VF Modeling Manual 02

127 pages of full-color model goodness. The first quarter of the book has stories that feature various squadrons of the Macross universe, only instead of using CG images like in the regular Master Files, they use pictures of various Hasegawa models.

VF Modeling Manual 05 VF Modeling Manual 04 VF Modeling Manual 03

Sorry, but if you want to see the hi-res pictures, you’ll just have to buy the book!


But, where this book really shines is in the middle section. 20 pages of how-to tips and tricks for assembling a 1/72 scale VF-1.

VF Modeling Manual 06

Some of the highlights are:

Painting and decaling help.

Fixing the “crooked leg” syndrome the the 1/72 line seems to suffer from .

Reshaping the nose.

Making your own recessed vernier areas.

and weathering, among other things.


All in all, if you’re into the modeling aspects of Macross, then this is pretty much a must have to add to your collection. I know I’ll be using it!