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  1. Zx31

    Arcadia 1/60 SV-51 Ivanov

    As Chronocidal already pointed out, it should look the same as the Yamato Valk because it was already a 3D model. The real differences will be in the engineering.
  2. Zx31

    Hi-Metal R

  3. and a better heat shield mechanism
  4. Zx31

    Bandai DX VF-31

    RE: color Reminder that reds shades are wildly different in photos depending on the camera and lighting. There were questions for months about Mirage every time show photos were posted and they were all different colors.
  5. Walkure's 3rd Live concert
  6. Addition to the Macross BD collection
  7. I love Mylene and this is completely accurate.
  8. Not sure if they'd go backwards. I imagine part of the reason for another movie is to keep the tie-in with the existing Walkure, so I'd bet on either something after or concurrent with the show.
  9. Zx31

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Does there appear to be any damage to the lid of the box that would indicate an impact? If the box looks like it didn't take a hit, I'm almost wondering if the laser wasn't sitting in the lowered position when it was packaged and something in the process of placing and sealing the clear shell over the styrofoam caused the break. Wild theory
  10. Zx31

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    For about 2 seconds I thought your left vertical stab was missing.
  11. I recall them talking about fold quartz being an export, but I don't remember the part about renegotiation and Grammier starting the war over it, though the issue with trade restrictions does ring a bell since they mentioned they thought the Earth Government had given them a bad deal. So I defer to you on that issue, since that sounds plausible and my memory isn't as good in this instance. Still think NUNS actions were questionable, but agree to disagree on that point.
  12. Force-ably occupying a planet when the native government doesn't want you there seems like a pretty good reason to go to war to make them leave. I don't recall the exact cause of the war being mentioned, but if the stated facts about the NUNS forces on Windermere are true it could be inferred that NUNS activities didn't help disarm the situation and may have in fact made them worse. Windermere didn't start using the VAR outbreak as a weapon until after NUNS dropped the warhead and forced a cease fire. Windermere didn't even know it could be used as a weapon until they did their own research after the end of the war. I'm also more inclined to believe the stated intent that Wright was attempting to get as far away from populated areas as possible based on the flight data shown in the show at face value than the nebulous idea that he was loitering over a city. Do the decisions made by NUNS make sense in the context of all that happens in Delta? Yeah, probably, but I very much doubt that those decisions were driven by a desire to protect the Globular Cluster.
  13. The target of the Dimension eater was the Sigur Berrentzs, which was right next to a large population center. At the time there was nothing to suggest that the Windermereans were planning anything hostile, it was all an worst case assumption that NUNS turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy by attacking first. So saying that the only thing they did wrong was blaming Windermere is somewhat silly considering that they attacked without provocation, using an illegal weapon, against a population center that would have killed innocents, after they stole DNA in a secret espionage mission. Regardless of the intent and goal, the methods used by NUNS weren't any better than the Windermerean response. It also didn't much seem like NUNS was trying to protect the galaxy on Ragna by nuking the ruins when after the weapon goes off and the protoculture ruins appear from fold space, they claim that they have all the data they need and then retreat, as if they knew the weapon wouldn't actually prevent the Winderemereans from taking control and only wanted the data in order to advance their own weapon program. Stealing the Star Singer's DNA, bombing the Sigur Berrentzs after studying it and the proto culture ruins, creating a clone from said DNA, covering it all up, and then triggering the final piece of Roid's plan to activate the Sigur Berrentzs network in order to gain additional data all seems like an attempt to further NUNS own weapons program at the expense of everything else and not like they were trying to save anyone in the cluster from Windermerean aggression.
  14. Zx31

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Well, there's all that surface area. It'd be a shame not to fill it with idols.