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  1. Smooth sailing with @Kyp Durron, @dafob, @unclechopchop, and @sjoebarry
  2. Yearly "Apartment ran out of space" sales update.
  3. Gorgeous, but I will say it is much prettier in person
  4. I wish it would have been in a better spot in the display for more angles, especially the back of Battroid.
  5. Yeah, those were all taken and posted on a phone since this wasnt planned and the timing just worked out with my vacation.
  6. Fair. Then it was an inaccurate assumption on my end and I apologize.
  7. I dont have a site, and all photographs I posted here were taken by me, or in one case by the friend who was with me at TN2019. I'm asking nicely that you do not repost my or others images to promote your own site.
  8. I ask that you do not use my photos outside of this forum
  9. More still photos on the previous page if you're looking for reference.
  10. They look better in person than in photos
  11. @jeniusornome bought a set of HMR valks from me and was very pleasant to work with.
  12. Yeah, it was nice of them to put everything in those soft plastic bags, but easy to miss the head if you didn't dig them all out.
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