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  1. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    Considering speculation HG uses robotech as a loss leader tax shelter to write off real estate profits, I can’t imagine HG would pony up the money needed to block the consortium of big west / Bandai / and the possible content providers (Netflix / crunchy / Sony). The big questions probably are- will Tats and BW agree on an amount each will get in the distribution of the macross catalog and future projects be tolerable. Or will one or both not agree to work together because the split isn’t workable.
  2. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    I believe after arbitration. In 2021 Tats has the control to re-up. its in the white highlighted text a few posts up on this page 2. Relief Granted in favor of Respondent a. Claimant’s right to use the Programs for production and/or exploitation of new works expires on March 14, 2021 along with any extant sublicenses as all rights to the Programs revert back to Respondent at that time. b. Upon expiration of the term of the Operative Agreements, the Claimant no longer has any right to use or exploit derivative works produced during the term, which contain portions of the Programs, as rights to the Programs revert back to Respondent at that time. c. Claimant has no permanent, exclusive, and irrevocable copyright and trademark rights in the Programs as same shall belong to Respondent on expiration of the term in 2021; d. Upon expiration of the term, Respondent shall have the right and option to disaffirm/cancel any existing licenses, assignments and/or other agreements extending beyond the term as may have been entered into by Claimant with others granting any rights in and to the Programs
  3. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    This is good right? won’t speed anything up but can’t hurt the 2021 cause
  4. Hasegawa SV-262 HS DRAKEN III

    For messer when it says decals for hayate, does that mean it will be the Kai version per delta ep 25. Or do they modify delta 2 in the delta movie? Any ideas?
  5. Sorry for sounding dumb, but this is “The Next” project then, right?
  6. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    You are correct, HG felt Tats owed them for legal fees and Tats wanted their rights more clearly defined hence the arbitration. I meant in terms of, has Tats paid yet on the recent arbitration decision that was handed down in August. Sorry for being unclear.
  7. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    I don't know how Tats the subsidiary division of Nippon, takara, IG, and horipro is doing. in other social media (Reddit, twitter, Facebook, other boards) there has been some supposition that Tats will have to re-up with HG because the $800+k would be too much for them to bear. in doing the research though of all Tats situation, the 800k doesn't look like the biggest stumbling block. 2021 can't get here soon enough.
  8. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    One thing is I don't think anyone actually knows if Tats paid yet or not. I was just responding to someone who is supposing that. In other places, I have seen it said Tats needs to go back to HG because of their financial situation, this is probably internet supposition not based in fact. the majority owner of Tats is Nippon TV. According to their most recent shareholder information - this is a major conglomerate whose media and content revenue is 374 billion yen or roughly 3.3 billion. I can't imagine if they and Takara (who together own about 70 percent of Tats) wanted this 800k to go away tomorrow they could. The more I delve into it, the more hopeful I am that 2021 will see a US release in some fashion of parts of the franchise we haven't seen here yet.
  9. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    The biggest X factors IMO are going to be 1. will Tats feel that working with BW will be more profitable than re-upping with HG. 2. Will BW be willing to take less than 100% on the sequels since they will have to compensate Tats on the trademarks. 3. Or if BW wins back the TMs in Europe and other territories can they use that as precedent in a case to rip the TMs from Tats in the USA Hopefully someone with deep pockets can make it worth both firms while to work together
  10. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    Well the case has been arbitrated so the awards are what they are. Unless there's a clause in the original agreement that allows for additional litigation, you go to arbitration to avoid the court system and the decisions can be binding. Tats does need to fork over the money but considering this was decided less than a month ago, I don't think non receipt at this point changes the awards most importantly the deal ending in 2021 and Tats receiving the trademarks
  11. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    True tats has the leverage, but I would hope they can see making money in working with big west and vice a versa.
  12. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    https://www.leagle.com/decision/infdco20170830639 award 2c Claimant = HG Respondent = Tats c. Claimant has no permanent, exclusive, and irrevocable copyright and trademark rights in the Programs as same shall belong to Respondent on expiration of the term in 2021; i don't know how to read that other than TMs go to Tats on 2021
  13. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    I thought I heard in the legal explanation, that in 2021 all HG trademarks would go to tats. But even if not, I imagine they could gain control of them after HG's ownership expire in 2022. the scenario I see happening and am hopeful of is that one of the deeper pocket players (Netflix or Amazon) contracts with both Tats and BW to get the whole franchise free and clear. the key is what happens to the trademarks in 2022, or who can control them.
  14. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    I wonder if a crunchy or sony/Funi has the pockets and juice to wrangle both tats and big west to get the whole franchise over. i imagine if amazon wants the whole macross franchise for anime strike, or Netflix wants it as a Netflix original ( a la little witch academia) they have the cash and influence to pull it off
  15. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    Speaking of LOGH, I don't know how it has done for hi-dives subscription numbers, but it is a central part of their marketing. I think from Mac 0 on, the animation is new enough not to look too dated, and make a splash for a streaming service, if/when it happens in 2021+