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  1. Macross PS2 game played on a PC. Possible?

    I'm going to order the V2V Pro in the next week or so. I still have my PS2 and my Swap Magic disc. I'm not good with that whole BIOS thing. I dunno what the hell I'm doing when it comes to that stuff. I have an extra monitor so I'll just hook my PS2 directly to that once the V2V Pro arrives. I'll post a video or pics once it's set up.
  2. Macross PS2 game played on a PC. Possible?

    I think I'm going to try this. If it works, I'll post some pics/vid sometime soon to let ya know.
  3. Macross PS2 game played on a PC. Possible?

  4. Macross PS2 game played on a PC. Possible?

    I'm going to try it with PCSX2 if I can figure out the bios etc.
  5. Time for some revenge

    Bad ass!
  6. SDF-1 Glider (Maybe RC Down The Road)

    Way cool!
  7. Hey, I have my old Macross PS2 game in great condition. Does anyone know of a way to play it on a PC?
  8. Macross City from Macross Plus

    Thank you!!!
  9. Does anyone know roughly where on the planet earth Macross City (SDF-1's resting place) is as in Macross Plus? I'm working on a personal project and could use the information.
  10. New Macross 1/1 DYRL helmets

    Are these still available? If so, do I email Masei directly? I want the yellow Roy Focker version.
  11. Just wondering if there are any in the area?
  12. Do you prefer TV or DYRL paint scheme?

    DYRL schemes all the way! It's hard for me to look back on any of the original Macross TV stuff after seeing DYRL.
  13. So have you guys seen Blood & Chrome? It's been great so far!
  14. should macross get a remake also

    Seems to me like Frontier is pretty much like a remake.