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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/143898679945 this guy accepted my offer of $305 . He goes in and out of stock with them. Maybe it’s worth a shot
  2. I look at these earlier this year. The options are cool but the rumor has it that it will only be sold in Japan. So per the usual us Americans will have to pay an "import tax" per say to get our hands on it. Hopefully they dont release the parts seperately over time. The real question is are these going to be limited edition/limited production type thing? If so I may bite down and get one now rather than later if/when it reaches 500-600
  3. Toy dojo online is a great place to shop from , I’ve bought a couple things from them with no issue. Toy dojo in store in Texas is a whole other story. It’s 50/50 with customer service
  4. LOL WUT According to Tamashii this is a General Sale... Its not showing as a a Web shop , limited, lottery or exclusive item.
  5. Scabby enough for them to go snatch a pre order only to resell it ....I understand the fees with ebay but some people just buy these to profit and it pisses me off. Dont get me started on the Metal Structure gundam resellers right now
  6. Considering Japan Post has temporarily suspended shipping to US , its not a bad deal. I buy just about every metal build gundam that comes out and DHL/Fedex is usually $30-40 when EMS doesnt work out. Decent deal giving our current situation. They also dont charge tax like evilbay does
  7. Nin nin game has them for $295 , which Is about $20 more than was amiami was asking. Cheaper than the reseller scabs on eBay who want $350
  8. Im going to be pissed if they sell the MB Justice and after the initial shipments get deliver they begin pre orders for a Gold plated MB justice. Similar to what they did with the MB Eva 02 and MB EVA 02 Test Types. The original MB EVA wasnt even released and they began orders for the Test types . Those thieves at bandai know how to play with my heart and my wallet
  9. In Short , Yes. The Metal Build they had no issue sending me a paypal invoice and that issue was solved in 24 hours. The Metal Structure parts have them acting like they are auditioning for next Bird Box movie. I didnt know that a Tenso address was a thing until you mentioned it. I will definitely use it moving forward. As of right now the only thing I can do is advise people not to shop there until Japan Post resumes shipping to US.
  10. I would avoid Luna Park Store or Yagamitsuki (on ebay) . I pre ordered some Gundam Metal Structure Items from them last Dec and they still havent shipped them. Those shitbags probably realized they are worth more now as they were a limited production. They are hiding behind the fact that Japan post is not shipping to US. HOWEVER , with a metal build gundam I was able to pay the difference and have it shipped to me via DHL but not the Metal Structure parts. I am out $800 as of right now because of them. I have been trying to resolve this since Sept with them to no avail. Buy from them at your o
  11. Its the exact same frame as the Red & Blue. It should work as long as you use the included adapter piece from the Alternate Strike series Flight Pack or Aile Strike. The original release Flight Pack did not include this adapter See this video for reference, You can see it has the attachment points for the adapter pieces https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ccu5xja7eB8
  12. Really ? Another preoder to the Gold Frame Hana? They need to quit milking the Red/Gold/Blue Framed Astrays and Focus on releasing Dynames or the Exia GN Cannon Arms mobile platform. Why not spend the extra $12 and get EMS so you only have to wait 2 weeks instead of 2 months??
  13. Nin Nin Game , if you catch it when it on launch day its usually at MSRP or $2-5 over MSRP. The also dont charge tax like P-bandai does. Nin Nin may be a bit more in cost but it also comes back to you via that " points reward" system they have . Not saying you should buy from them but its an alternative option.
  14. Personal Preference Id say. I have the old destiny w/ wings of light and the deactivated destiny. I prefer this flat matte finishes on this one to the old glossy look. The wings themselves are more of a bright fire red as compared to the other destiny which had this darker red/wine red color to it. The wings of light effect on the newer on has a more unique holofoil insert and the plastic pieces to support the wings of light are sturdier. This new soul red destiny is a lot better color scheme in my opinion. I feel like the joints on it are much sturdier too Sincerely A Me
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