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  1. Heh yeah she had a crush on nekki bassara. You really have to be a really good Macross fan to like it.
  2. Yep from the original Macross till now. Ichiro Misa and minmei. Foker and c ok Claudia Max and milia till now
  3. I can put with idols ever since minmei in the Macross that's been the focus.but if it still has valks I can deal with it. I still watch Macross, and watching the Masters now.
  4. I'm still a Macross fan. That won't stop. And Gundam also.
  5. Yeah I'm still a M7 fan. Nice to see the new series dubbed. One website has Macross dubbed which is nice.
  6. Looks like tatsunaka will be getting his rights back for Macross Mospaeda southern Cross
  7. I'll just for the released subs Nice one site has a dubbed Macross
  8. Yeah it was strange,m7 plus gave us a brief glimpse of what was happening? But left me in the dark, mylene had to make a decision between Basara and Gamlin. And she never did The strongest women another renegade zentadie Fleet? So on
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