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  1. This 30th anniversary colour version of the 29 is probably my most favourite of all the DX VFs I own. I've been looking at it and its starting to have some yellow discolourations on some of the white pieces. I've been doing some reading and see that there are people who have had success with removing the discolouration with 12% peroxide and a plastic bag. I'd be intending to be very careful to only paint the peroxide on places where the discolouration has occurred (fuselage, wings, legs) Has anyone's 30th Anniv YF-29 been experiencing some yellowing? Has anyone tried cleaning it with the peroxide and sunlight method? Would doing #2 have an effect towards the painted decals that are on the white areas of the plastic?
  2. I got a PG Banshee and went all out to accessorise it as much as possible. VN/BS pack, LED, Delpi Decals, metal detail up parts... then finally what works out as a very good case for it - it's actually sized for a Lego Lion Voltron kit but the dimensions works well enough for this. I call it the Banshee Neo edition. Guns... all of them.
  3. Has anyone got a copy of the GFFMC Zaku II figures that had Katoki design attached to it? Are they a worthwhile pick up? Or would there be some other figure that would arguably be more worthwhile getting?
  4. After Christmas I was able to invest in and get a bigger display cabinet so I could expand my collection out of the single Detolf that they were all in for however many years they were there. With the expansion in space, I was finally able to put on display the VF-25F that I'd had sitting in its box for well over a year. 2 questions. 1) When I bought the VF-25, I also purchased a Smoke Clear display stand in with it as a bundle. I've subsequently read that it doesn't fit exactly with the renewal version that I have. Is that correct? 2) I need to invest in a second Yetistand... but I've also read that Yeti has been out of action here for a little bit... is there any likelihood or means to be able to purchase a stand with his website being down still?
  5. Amazing... such an old DX and even still, the pre-orders sell out within 15 minutes of opening.
  6. https://www.gundam-base.net/special/rg_unicorn_twc-lm.php RG Unicorn, light up edition!
  7. Ooh, thanks. It's essentially only a $5 on top of the P-Bandai price by getting it via Nippon Yassan. I didn't think about this place. Thanks!
  8. P-Bandai? So... it's all of a sudden hard to get. Any suggestions to where to keep a watch on for pre-orders?
  9. Aah ok. I'll end up getting a Mr. Mark Setter and a Mr. Mark Softer bottle instead of the Micro-Sol pair now. I looked up a YouTube video and they seemed to work easily enough. Apply Mark Setter onto location Slide decal onto location Mop up excess Apply Mark Softer onto top of decal This will be good for those kits which have a nice surface finish on them to avoid ruining them with the use of a top coat.
  10. What pulled me into Delta was the delta wings of the bird. At first I wasn't all too sure about paying for the DX so ended up buying the 05 kit also. Built it and it's sat unlined and without decals and stickers for the longest time. I ended up buying the DX of the 02 and am supremely happy with it. I've resolved to also get the decals onto this bird and permanently display it in fighter mode only. It at least deserves this much. Looking at the decals though... man it's daunting - there's so much of it! Stickers, dry transfers and waterslides! It'll take me a couple of weeks to get it done I think.
  11. Got it. Thank you for the clarification!
  12. I'm a little confused with this product - so the Mark Setter is the bottle with the blue markings? This bottle with the red markings is meant to remove the decals?
  13. Looks like a great build. Question though about the Micro Sol you have in the photo - this is the stuff that sucks in the waterslide decals hard onto the surface? Does it mean that using this stuff, there's no requirement for top coating the kit to keep the waterslides on long-term?
  14. What's the difference between the two Strike Freedoms which has been out and to be coming out? The Metal Build vs the Robot Spirits version upcoming in a few months' time? Scale? Detail? Style? Proportion?
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