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  1. So they were responsible for the model for the yamato garland it seems? Also starting to feel like the same individual is responsible for the Arcadia version based on their design of the Hargan they're working on? Leaves me to wonder is the Hargan actually the model being built for Arcadia?
  2. I wouldn't mind eating the cost if I found some items but the chances of finding some of them are low unfortunately. I'd be happy to cover someone picking up some items, at least then I know they're got. Some really nice megazone 23 items popping up this year that I wouldn't mind chasing down.
  3. It's infectious! Did the same just now. First DX VF-1 I decided to grab.
  4. Has it? Where could I find information on it? Last pages I was scrolling just there today was giving advice on attendance safety measures etc https://wonfes.jp/info/#info4368 I may be looking in the wrong place all the same.
  5. I've been eyeing some nice kits that seem to be only available during the wonder festival events in the coming year. I've done some googling around the area of buying through the likes of an individual over there, but for previous years. I've yet to find a proxy for the upcoming events. Has anyone got any idea how to purchase items from these events through a proxy of some sorts? Unlikely I'll be there in person so it seems like the only solution is finding a buyer in over there. Has anyone done this in here before?
  6. Was actually letting his playlist play through last week. I've gotten back into some of the 3D printing and CNCing parts so been looking through Macross based topics. Interesting to see approaches people take in the designs.
  7. I've been watching out for these 1/48 kits but missed the last 2 that went for auction.
  8. I see the Proto Garland listed as reissue on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/1-24-scale-megazone-23-part-ii-diecast-model-proto-garland-reissue-aca82136-2 I received a proto Garland that I had waiting in the warehouse of HLJ for a while now. Was disappointed to find an amber light missing on the rear and some of the pins not fully flushed so that the left swing arm wouldn't align correctly.
  9. And this https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/mospeada-maxlab-cyclone
  10. Spotted this model for 3D printing thought it was interesting. https://www.gambody.com/3d-models/robotech-alpha
  11. Speaking of figures with the Garland, has anyone got any of those Kotobukiya Hexagear figures to see how they look beside the Arcadia Garlands? https://www.hlj.com/1-24-scale-hexa-gear-early-governor-vol-3-kbyhg-052
  12. Just noticed this post while scrolling Twitter. I never noticed it in images before I saw that post.
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