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  1. The R-Area released books are definitely nice pieces to pick up just to look at the images alone. Only picked up the brochures and book last month to add to the collection. Used it as a backdrop just now for the Hargun. I finally got time to roughly get the arms and legs together for slave mode in the Hargun. Some adjustments for the fitment and the small detail pieces to go together yet. Really impressed with the kit. I did manage to break 2 small pieces by no respecting the fitment tolerances when putting the joints together.
  2. I just started tackling this Megazone 23 Hargan kit. I've never worked with a resin kit or at this scale, which feels tiny. The screws alone caused me an hour of frustration. When I got the kit the intention was to find a suitable rider and the Sentinel Mospeada 1:48 pilot is pretty close. Not sure of any other articulated figures at that scale. Diaclone maybe?
  3. Yes the Hargun can still be converted without the Transporter. Can see the pieces I've laid out from the box here.
  4. I've one Hargun in hand at the moment, the second is on its way from Japan most likely next week. Should be able to recreate a scene with the transporter, garland and 2 harguns then. Some of those details in the Hargun box baggies are so small. The Arcadia Hargun and transporter might be released and bought before I manage to build these 🤣
  5. It certainly presented me with some challenges to order and ship, glad they arrived. There's one more Hagan outstanding to arrive. I popped on piece out of the box there to hopefully show the scale against an Arcadia Garland. The screws are absolutely tiny with it! I don't know if getting my hands on the Proto Garland or GR-2 will be something that would happen in the future.
  6. Finally managed to land some 1/48 scale Megazone 23 kits from Imizu Hiroshi. These are even smaller feeling now when I have them on hand! Next task is getting time to build them.
  7. I've been waiting to hear even a small bit of news about the Hargun as well. I know 1/12 scale hargun was for sale last weekend during WonderFest for 35000 yen. Wondering does that have some bearing on Arcadia's release, since its the same designer isn't it?
  8. Quick question but does anyone know of human figures in the 1/48 scale with articulation similar to the pilot released Sentinel Legioss release? I find plenty of fixed posed for display.
  9. Great price for the ES Gokin version! I managed to snag one a few months back for just a little be more than that after some searching. Great piece to display. With your link I'd be tempted for a dual mode display! I remember contacting Hiroshi Imizu about there being any chance he could sell me each of the Garlands but was pretty set hard on them being WF only releases. 😭
  10. That tweet is from a fan made resin kit. Usually selling them only during WonderFest events. 1/48 scale I believe his releases are. Would love to get my hands on any of his releases!
  11. Thank you that's actually a great help! I've never used it before but will check it out for this case. This is looking great! https://twitter.com/imizuhiroshi/status/1438074243187568643
  12. Does anyone know a supplier than can ship the R_AREA comics outside of Japan? I've seen their links to some online ones but haven't seen international shipping options?
  13. https://www.hlj.com/1-24-scale-megazone-23-die-cast-model-garland-autonomous-army-color-ver-acamrk821566 I was hoping this would be available on HLJ. I had added one on nin-nin but held off.
  14. Very unexpected but definitely will be an insta buy
  15. I was looking for ones over quarantine and notice the price hikes on them so glad to see a reissue. I also see that Arcadia have mentioned on their twitterin that they've improved the joints in this reissue. I had issues trying to add one to the cart on HLJ and bought else where then just to secure one. Fingers are tightly crossed for some Hargan news at some point.
  16. So they were responsible for the model for the yamato garland it seems? Also starting to feel like the same individual is responsible for the Arcadia version based on their design of the Hargan they're working on? Leaves me to wonder is the Hargan actually the model being built for Arcadia?
  17. I wouldn't mind eating the cost if I found some items but the chances of finding some of them are low unfortunately. I'd be happy to cover someone picking up some items, at least then I know they're got. Some really nice megazone 23 items popping up this year that I wouldn't mind chasing down.
  18. It's infectious! Did the same just now. First DX VF-1 I decided to grab.
  19. Has it? Where could I find information on it? Last pages I was scrolling just there today was giving advice on attendance safety measures etc https://wonfes.jp/info/#info4368 I may be looking in the wrong place all the same.
  20. I've been eyeing some nice kits that seem to be only available during the wonder festival events in the coming year. I've done some googling around the area of buying through the likes of an individual over there, but for previous years. I've yet to find a proxy for the upcoming events. Has anyone got any idea how to purchase items from these events through a proxy of some sorts? Unlikely I'll be there in person so it seems like the only solution is finding a buyer in over there. Has anyone done this in here before?
  21. Was actually letting his playlist play through last week. I've gotten back into some of the 3D printing and CNCing parts so been looking through Macross based topics. Interesting to see approaches people take in the designs.
  22. I've been watching out for these 1/48 kits but missed the last 2 that went for auction.
  23. I see the Proto Garland listed as reissue on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/1-24-scale-megazone-23-part-ii-diecast-model-proto-garland-reissue-aca82136-2 I received a proto Garland that I had waiting in the warehouse of HLJ for a while now. Was disappointed to find an amber light missing on the rear and some of the pins not fully flushed so that the left swing arm wouldn't align correctly.
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