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  1. Afraid not, only at wonderfest. I managed to get a really great friend to attend and run around the event to collect these as I couldn't attend.
  2. I feel like I managed to at least collect the 1/48 garlands and figures form Imizu now. The last pieces arrived which was mainly the part II garlands and the new figures he created for part I and part II. I've seen a few of these pop up in auction listings and sell out for ~200usd already! Since the 1/48 was on my mind I wanted the condor too in the same scale.
  3. https://twitter.com/ARCADIA_Co_Ltd/status/1552237571043758080?t=S4BaoZVPukBxnxaDsM6VHQ&s=19
  4. I'm looking forward to getting this in hand from WonderFest. It was one of the items since it was in 1/48 scale I was keen to grab this time around.
  5. Nice side by side of the old SD... It's difference enough to justify buying it 😁 It was hard enough to track down the old SD versions.
  6. Spotted this SD toyline on Twitter. Is this new or is there more information out there about these? https://twitter.com/giantrobo/status/1549927498598690817?t=XGgIgBRWCaN3YXc0AVLdDQ&s=19
  7. I've certainly had my moments that I'd look up for some Freeing E=X for sale. If I seen them for the price you got I could be swayed 😅 The Flagger Transporter I was on about was this one. Certainly hope the Transport truck one gets the go ahead with the hargan sales as Mr. K indicated. I just noticed in the bottom of this photo the Garlands and the Hargan lined up nicely!
  8. Something like this would be impressive... I think this is being built at 1/12 scale.
  9. I certainly hope that they finish out the Garland variants so that there's a nice full collection line. I've held off buying the only E=X Garland available for this long maybe it's worth while waiting to see if Arcadia deliver a much better version. I believe it was @jeniusreview that put the nail in the coffin on that piece for me 😅 The Hargan transporter seems to depend on Hargan sales at the moment so fingers crossed this will happen. The 1/12 scale one is done and tested but no color version yet it seems. Some GR-2 grunts would be nice to face off with the Proto Garland. There are some nice ones like the Flagger and Hargan transport Flagger that could be nice pieces to see released in the scale. I'd like some time to CAD up the Transport Flagger for the 1/48 Hargan.
  10. The translated quote below seems positive if sales are good I guess... It's colored! Well, that's good. Simplicity, ruggedness and stylishness. … This balance is unbearable! It is composed of finer parts than Garland. This is the most fun transformation . The 1/12 size one that was displayed on site is for shape verification and will not be commercialized, so be careful not to make a mistake. (Omitted here) As a toy man, I want 1/12 as well. … If sponsors and patrons appear, or! ?? I want to go to GR-2 and Villedesau as it is. ask! Everyone, buy it in the carton! https://ameblo.jp/arcadiaac/entry-12725965645.html
  11. I've ran out of space in my IKEA 2x4 cabinet I've mounted on the office wall 😅 I've the 1/24, the feature garland and 1/15 garlands mingling in one cube.... The 1/48 garland and Hargan transporter still haven't been built but would look great in a scene on their own 😅 The 1/12 Hargan 3d print went for sale back in October time. It was 3d printed but I don't think the transporter had ever been for sale since. Mr.K indicated that the likelihood of the transporter seems tied to the success of the Hargan release.
  12. No it's correct. That one is designed by Cou.... Along with the 1/12 Hargan that fits with it. I'm under the assumption that this will be scaled down then for the 1/24 Arcadia releases as it's the same designer. He also did a 1/12 version of the Arcadia 1/24 Garland released 👍
  13. Id like to see if the Hexagear 1/24 figures at least scale nicely with them.
  14. Wow! Really nice to see this hitting the displays this year.
  15. daBlah!

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    It's a nice surprise to see it pop up. Nice addition to anyone's collection for sure.
  16. The 1/12 Hargan and Transporter displayed at wf2022w. Hopefully this means a step closer to the 1/24 version.
  17. daBlah!

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Spotted at WF2022w. https://twitter.com/adosoh/status/1490135279637696515?t=Mu7c8OlIq6pVC6BzDFC5nQ&s=19
  18. https://twitter.com/adosoh/status/1490135279637696515?t=Mu7c8OlIq6pVC6BzDFC5nQ&s=19
  19. Been eagerly waiting a shipping notice from HLJ on the army Garland but nothing as of yet 🙈. I really want to track down a set of those add on Garland parts too. Have not seen them come up for sale in years!
  20. The additional armor parts from Arcadia look great on the Army version.
  21. The R-Area released books are definitely nice pieces to pick up just to look at the images alone. Only picked up the brochures and book last month to add to the collection. Used it as a backdrop just now for the Hargun. I finally got time to roughly get the arms and legs together for slave mode in the Hargun. Some adjustments for the fitment and the small detail pieces to go together yet. Really impressed with the kit. I did manage to break 2 small pieces by no respecting the fitment tolerances when putting the joints together.
  22. I just started tackling this Megazone 23 Hargan kit. I've never worked with a resin kit or at this scale, which feels tiny. The screws alone caused me an hour of frustration. When I got the kit the intention was to find a suitable rider and the Sentinel Mospeada 1:48 pilot is pretty close. Not sure of any other articulated figures at that scale. Diaclone maybe?
  23. Yes the Hargun can still be converted without the Transporter. Can see the pieces I've laid out from the box here.
  24. I've one Hargun in hand at the moment, the second is on its way from Japan most likely next week. Should be able to recreate a scene with the transporter, garland and 2 harguns then. Some of those details in the Hargun box baggies are so small. The Arcadia Hargun and transporter might be released and bought before I manage to build these 🤣
  25. It certainly presented me with some challenges to order and ship, glad they arrived. There's one more Hagan outstanding to arrive. I popped on piece out of the box there to hopefully show the scale against an Arcadia Garland. The screws are absolutely tiny with it! I don't know if getting my hands on the Proto Garland or GR-2 will be something that would happen in the future.
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