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  1. Black is beautiful. Skull Leader and Skull One...
  2. Here's the wings on my Hikaru-1S... See the difference now?
  3. well, shi*t... just got bandai'ed...
  4. https://hacchaka.net/archives/52064122.html
  5. As per usual, I hope nobody buys any from the resellers scalpers capitalists if it's over way over MSRP and shipping is at least more than 3500y. I hope they all just get stuck with them all unsold. But then again, a sucker is born every minute...
  6. http://hobbylog.jp/archives/1078057935.html [quote] 20/11/28(土)09:07:52 No.796002422 今日買いに行くべきか悩む [/quote]
  7. mekanda! mekanda! mekanda robo! danandantdantdantdanadant! Wotafa review of Mechander Robo by Carbotix/5pro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRaaziAScKA
  8. looks like officially delayed. rhubarbarian posted the latest tweet about it: https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/47162-arcadia-160-vf-4a-‘flashback-2012’-premium-finish-regular-release/page/17/?tab=comments#elControls_1559312_menu https://twitter.com/ARCADIA_Co_Ltd/status/1334762736262135808
  9. Remains to be seen if the rest of the DYRL Skull members will have the corrected modex numbers when released... most likely, tho, the beatings will continue until morale improves...
  10. Maybe the correct "001" on the Roy-1S makes it looks tons better than the Hikaru-1S...
  11. Roy Focker's...
  12. my DX Roy from amjp/dhl delivered today...
  13. Well, it's been cybermonday all across amazon-sites (including jp), so I'm surprised that you guys are even getting some responses from amazon-japan.
  14. Weren't there really just two or three variants? straight recolor of Takatoku Super VF-1S with the UNSpacy kite. Matsuhiro branded with the blunt nose and the UNSpacy kite. Bandai with the blunt nose and nerfed gunpod. Not sure if it's still alive, but there used to be an old webpage that detailed the fascinating history chronicle and diffs of the toy.
  15. You missed out on the previous marketplace-vendor(s) that ships to the US. I just checked and none of the current ones there right now ships to the US.
  16. Hi! I'm suddenly having vieweing and posting issues with both Chrome and Firefox: I can't seem to go back a page or so when I click the page-number link. I have to edit the actual url to back to a certain page. I am unable to post a link-back to an older post and even pic when replying to the 1/48 thread. It gives me some weird "forbidden" error and the forum was asking me to log in even though I'm already logged in. Weird! also, forum seems to hangs when I click the Submit button, but I do see the submitted post if I open up another window.
  17. You did? Must have missed it. I'm somehow having some forum viewing and posting issues right now (I can't even go back a page right now), but I only saw Ghostryder's pics or somebody else's.
  18. Hmm. I can't seem to link my old post and pic, so here:
  19. Bummer that Wotafa's copy has some minor paint issues.
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