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  1. Valkyrie Canopy Masks - 1/72 and 1/48 sets are ready!

    No need for a refund. It's a fair price. Thx.
  2. Destroids

    You guys need to understand how tech-challenged I am. But where there is a will to build Macross, there is a way. I've dowloaded the Free 2017 versions, and got some tutorials in my Youtube playlist. The guy says he will teach you Sketchup and "treat you like a complete idiot", which sounds about right...
  3. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Oh man, I know that feeling. After all that work, you just want to get done, and leave the painting to the pros!
  4. Valkyrie Canopy Masks - 1/72 and 1/48 sets are ready!

    i ordered a couple setss. Looking forward to them.
  5. Destroids

    Hmmm... In that case I need to learn.
  6. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Did you sand it down first with high grit paprr and then with toothpaste or other gritty compound?
  7. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    The technique is shown here. What I described is a bit different because I don't like thick Tamiya putty, but same idea. It's also how a lot of people fix mistakes. But I also wonder if it would be easier to prime the whole part, then completely sand the primer off, and repeat as required to remove 3D print lines. http://reedoak.com/how-to-prepare-reedoak-3d-printed-figure-for-paint/
  8. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    I would have made them all valk girls! Another Pengbuzz special! What are you doing with the 4th?
  9. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Tage (and @Xigfrid), I don't know how far you are with painting, but I have seen pros who hide the 3D print lines by brush painting Mr. Hobby Surfacer 1200 along the seams, then wiping off the excess with lacquer thinner across the seams, sanding and repeating. Seems painfull, but...
  10. Wave 1/72 VF-4 lightning

    Nice review and progress. Probably my favorite valk.
  11. I thought this would be my only motorized valk, but with Xigfrid doing his magic, I am planning a couple more! Here is a night version showing off the wing lights.
  12. I may not be understanding. So, here is my reasoning: The space in the valk is 20mm from the pink line to the center of the wing pivots, therefore the gear is 20mm long to the center of the notches. This way I dont have to dig below the pink line as i did at the tail of the valk (I had to dig below the pink line we are measuring 20mm from). But honestly, i dont think it matters, as long as the gear fits in the space, final adjustments need to be made when connecting to wings.