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  1. Thanks Plastik, I have to mention that it was a great and smooth deal. One of the best transactions i have handled so far. =)
  2. thanks for the information davidwhangchoi, i managed to get one! but damn... i should have waited before i paid for my ny piece.. sighs....
  3. ya meant the weathered edition? am looking around for Vf01S hikaru 30th Anniversary set now, but prices are sky high... darn it..
  4. Damn becos of the armour pack, i found myself clicking the pay button for the VF-171 nightmare.....my wallet is filled with holes now.. sighs..
  5. the armoured parts on NY are gone too...darn it
  6. so did everyone get a vf-25f eventually after all this commotion? i got mine from Japan yahoo through a proxy though.
  7. I bought: Vf-22s gamlin custom. Vf-1d ver 2.0
  8. Wow seems like everyone is grabbing valks in an last attempt. well i guess i am too since i am aiming for the ver 2.0 VF-1D on the japanese Yahoo website... currently still the highest bidder ( 12,000 yen)yea i am sucker for the VF-1D plane.. originally when i saw it i gave it up.. now i am chasing it back with such high prices... and i have bought the Vf-22S Gamlin custom from hobby locus... Damn i really am broke.
  9. wait on Hkcollectibles, VF-22 Gamlin custom is out of stock!! WTH..... i think i better act fast on VF-11B..
  10. Bidded on a VF-1D ver 2.0 and a TV Roy with super packs.. these are probably the last valks I will get.. am aiming for vf-22s gamlin custom... or a VF-11B..
  11. major Focker, you can try www.tfh.com.sg or you can try look for master light house in google, it should point you a few places. I got mine from HK from the distributor, but beware, the casing is heavy!
  12. Current price for VF-4G is at 32K Yen..
  13. i do not have such problems with my valkyrie, probably it is factory manufacturing default. but i do hope everyone's valkyrie is ok =)
  14. Kicker, More pics of my VF-4G with Master Light house night scene!!
  15. I faint with the rising Yen prices... i saw Amazon selling at 69,000 yen!! thats extortion!
  16. Kicker, the box is actually quite small, it only can fit in battleroid, but the stand requires one angle to fit it in. I have been trying whole night before i got it in nicely.
  17. anyone try using master light house with the VF-4G, it's very nice sight! =)
  18. i am seeing the VF-4G at 29,000 Yen ( NY ). Is it something wrong with my eyes??
  19. VF-4G is out of stock at NY.. there goes my 3rd piece due to my hesitation.. sighs.. * wait.. Kicker, did ya just did a massive buy out on NY?? lol...
  20. i tried my newest rising sound speakers with VF-4G, looks ok IMO. wat do ya guys think?
  21. Anyone mentioned a yf-19 ver 2.0?
  22. nothing beats the sight of these angels in a frustrated day's work.
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