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  1. tom64ss

    Thoughts on Macross Plus

    I've seen Macross Plus a few dozen times, but only found out today that Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is the voice of Isamu Dyson in the English dub. Heisenberg...All Hail the King
  2. tom64ss

    The PS3 thread

    tom64ss: rigiddigit
  3. My Sunday afternoon mancave from September to January. This is the second common area in the house. I do have a presentable living room downstairs:)
  4. Thanks! I had a roommate that worked at the mall. It was a display case for Fossil watches. Took some work with a hammer and a crowbar to take out some of the acrylic shelves, but it was worth it.
  5. Front hall, 1/60s and 1/60ishes
  6. tom64ss

    Official Macross posters

    It's been posted before, but it looks pretty in a frame
  7. tom64ss

    The MW Automotive Thread Quattro SpecV

    This thread makes me want to watch Top Gear
  8. tom64ss

    Yamato 1/60 Regult

    For such a small girl, she sure has some huge feet!
  9. tom64ss

    Official Bandai DX Chogokin VB-6 K├Ânig Monster Thread

    That poor VB-6, all that transit time only to end up in Jersey.
  10. Any of the toys that were turned into Converters Anything named VF-__ that either doesn't transform or only has two modes ie. Converters, and the Matchbox Veritech (that word hurts my eyes) Toynami's VF-1 MPCs. Loose, Ugly, Crap Yamato 1/60 V.1 and the old Bandai/Revell Robotech models. VF-1s should not require nosecone swapping and/or leg removal Banpresto VF-1, slightly prettier than the MPCs but even looser and if you can believe it, crappier
  11. tom64ss

    Gta:sa Mods

    Here's some footage of the YF-19 someone put on YouTube. He shoots some stuff near the end. GTA, GNR, YF-19. I love'um all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdIeu-iQiYI
  12. tom64ss

    Macross 7 valkyrie identification

  13. tom64ss

    Caption contest!

    Where's your drink???!!! Did they card you???!!!! Even in a uniform he can't get served!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
  14. tom64ss

    Yamato "TV Canon" 1/48s?

    So these are accurate *VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo (get the Super version for the TV accurate FP) *GBP-1S Armor parts (blue and red color) *M&M VF-1Js The Roy 1S is damn close, and even closer if you put the FPs from the Hikaru 1J on it and paint that Hikaru pilot grey and blue. Paint the little head arrows too. You can sand the elbows down too. I don't think I would. The CF and Angel Bird have the wrong kind of heads and elbows.
  15. tom64ss

    Yamato "TV Canon" 1/48s?

    Sorry, I'm going OT.