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  1. Ah Global, you cad. I wish they delivered Chinese in those cool box containers around here too. Of course having someone as cute as Minmay delivering them would be a bonus as well. Can't wait until my copies get here. Mikimoto's art continues to be gorgeous. Like Keith if they ever animate this, I'd find a way to buy it on bluray as well. I'd even settle for a text script that's translated that I could look at while viewing the books/magazines.
  2. I'm not literate in Japanese, but in the next page or so after she is introduced, I swear it looks like Global is checking her out. As far as I can piece together from just the panels, I'm liking how the story is unfolding and the artwork is fantastic. Hikaru looked hilarious in his "disguise".
  3. Yup I noticed the hyperlink/cut in some of the posts. I don't read/understand a lick of Japanese so I was just doing random clicking. I agree, this author should make a doujinshi, the art is great.
  4. Guess you'd really have to dig to find them. Even then, they're more R-Rated (at most) than X. Still, there are some really heart warming pics there. Like this one: And the "Cafe Break" series in the post dated 2009.12.11 It starts with this pic: Then this one after the "cut" in the post: From there just change the number of the file name in the url "cafe_break_01.jpg, 02.jpg, etc.
  5. See attached. It's from the site that MastaEgg(thanks by the way!) linked earlier in the thread. http://yuba.homeip.net/m/nicky.html Looks like Mikimoto artwork on a deck of cards: All kinds of Hikaru and Misa stuff there. Be careful though, as there are some that are also NSFW.
  6. I received my copy thanks to Macross1982 who is a member here. I have to echo your sentiments on the volume. I'm not literate in Japanese at all and it did not hamper my enjoyment of the book one bit. If you know the story, then it's very easy to follow along and get the gist of it all. There are some changes, but I think they work out just fine. The artwork is gorgeous. There was some talk about the VT-1D head redesign in the other thread, but I like it. Some changes were made to certain characters' looks but they still have that "feeling" present in their original designs. It's nice to compare the progression of Mikimoto's style from back then to present-day. Misa and Minmay look great. I really like how Mikimoto draws Hikaru now too. It's as Mikimoto took everything that was great about the original designs and updated them and it makes sense. Also, for the first time I look at Claudia and think, "hey she's beautiful too in her own way". I never thought that about the original SDF and DYRL designs of her. There's only one drawback for me which is the volume is physically much smaller, as in page size (which I knew was the case beforehand). The original printing in the Macross Ace books are much larger in the magazine size, so you may need to look carefully at the pages as some of the details could be hard to pick out, but if you're a fan, you'll be looking at this thing over and over again anyway so it's really not much of a drawback at all. I'm actually rewatching the original series now as a refresher. I've seen and read the other threads talking about a possible original series reboot as well. I don't think it's necessary because I feel that they should either go forward or explore untouched areas of the Macross universe across the timeline. However, if they were to do a remake or reboot, an animated version of Macross The First would be just fine with me.
  7. Happy Birthday MacrossWorld and congrats to Shawn and Graham! I don't post much, but I still deeply love this site. Here's to 10 more years and beyond!
  8. Anime: 2nd Season of Hajime no Ippo Linebarrel Tales of the Abyss Manga: - 20th Century Boys - Hajime no Ippo (as they come out) - Pluto Go read all of Mitsuru Adachi's stuff! Has anyone heard about Darker Than Black? I watched the first episode, but didn't feel particularly drawn in.
  9. Can't wait to grab all the CD's once they're out. Diamond Crevasse is still my fave. 2nd is the Ai Obete imasuka remix.
  10. You could also include some of the cut scenes from the A.C.E. (Another Century's Episode) games, VF-X, VF-X2. They're readily available on YouTube, but the quality can be spotty. Maybe people who have the games can donate some clips. Oh and you have to include some of the SD opening to SDF Macross for sure.
  11. Hey I'm interested in seeing how this turns out too. Good stuff so far. The helmet looks great. His hair must have been hell to model in 3-D. Keep us posted.
  12. You other guys have some skills though. Man, I'm jealous.
  13. fernandofaria, that looks great! You gotta show us more! Toonz, your "mod" looks cool too hehe.
  14. Latitude: 38° 47' 21" N, Longitude: 77° 11' 15" W Springfield, VA
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