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  1. Thanks for the reply. I think that's partly why I skip web exclusives - the markup, and they're typically not the main characters - though this time it's Hikaru's famous ride. So I might be buying the strike/super parts and not even have the ride?! They better make more of this valk. That Max 1a ticked me off. Not sure when the preorder date is. Max's was in April for September release, so unless someone knows the date, probably June for November? That's another week or so.
  2. That pose is macrossrific. I haven't ordered web exclusives before. Do you just order off bandai's web page, or go through a proxy, or buy from retailers like NY? I usually just collect the main characters and skip the web exclusive variants.
  3. Ha ha ha. I like it.
  4. oh. that is an increase. for the extra head guns.
  5. Yeah I really like that scene of the Boddole Zer's flagship and Minmei. So iconic.
  6. Don't think it's a price increase. That's tax for Japan.
  7. splitting up the vf1s and the strike pack is even more preorder madness. It'll be crazy!
  8. Wow! when is the preorder madness? Gotta grab this, as I'm a DYRL fan. This is my favorite DYRL mecha. Surprised they are issuing this before fokker.
  9. beatsing

    Hi-Metal R

    I think Bandai installed the left foot part on the right foot. Check out the gray plastic horizontal bar on each foot. The ostrich and 1D right foot in orange has the bar on the same side as the 1j left foot whereas the 1 j right foot has it on the other side. Is that the defect?
  10. beatsing

    Hi-Metal R

    oops posted twice
  11. beatsing

    Hi-Metal R

    Same. The Ostrich and the 1D were a problem on the right foot. Wow! I haven't seen 1/48 scale Regult before. Can the HMR VF1 fit in there? I was thinking the same about the right foot being installed incorrectly or with the left foot rotator backwards because it rotates forwards a lot but not back. You're right about anime magic. That Regult soldier next to the Regult couldn't be similar in size to the 1D when he grabbed his foot. And who owns the uniform for Max's outfit? Zentran Hulk? Just kidding. That's a good point. As a Macross fan and Transformers fan, scale isn't really a "big" thing for me as Transformers change scale from a giant robot to a small cassette or gun. Transformers didn't really explain the scale problem in their TV show, not in the early seasons (I didn't watch after that), so it's anime magic or nonsensical toy selling cartoon/commercial. For Macross, it was a more "serious" storyline, and they did explain the reason for the size of battroid. @Hardlynever captured the moment on the VF1D when Roy explained it. @nightmareB4macross also got the screen capture of the canon fodders grabbing that Regult, which are consistent with the narrative of the storyline. Although the ability to expand or shrink was definitely available to the Zentran/Meltran, it was through a machine that they didn't carry with them on person. It was used on those 3 spy guys once, and they stayed that size for a long time, but unless that Regult pilot expanded while he was walking from his Regult, his corpse was about the same size as a battroid. It's probably anime magic for the other scenes where the Regults are just a bit bigger than the battroid, and the Macross scale/line art is probably an afterthought since it isn't consistent with Roy's speech. IIRC, there was also mention of the size of the halls/doorways, the controls of the SDF1 when the humans found it, so they decided to build battroids and it was the basis for that scale. I haven't watched Macross TV in a long time, so I might be inaccurate. I'd point out there's no wrong answer; we're all big fans since we think about this science fiction, haha! I'd collect Macross toys even if they weren't in scale. It's fun to see them in different scales. Like the Transformers Masterpiece line, there are 3rd parties that upscale to the scale they think matches the cartoon. They could do that with HMR too. It'd probably be cheaper than an actual HMR Regult on ebay.
  12. beatsing

    Hi-Metal R

    Hi Tekering, love your photos. How do my statements contradict each other? I think the 1/60 Regult scales with the VF1 HMR because in some of the Macross episodes, the Zentran are about the size of the battroid. So the battroid should almost fit inside a Regult. And since Max's battroid could fit the Zentran uniform, the scale looks correct. I think the HMR Regult scales with the HMR VF1 according to the scaled line art, but the scale doesn't make sense.
  13. The head sculpt looks like Temjin from Virtua On:
  14. beatsing

    Hi-Metal R

    I think the 1/60 regult scales pretty nice with the hmr vf-1. It looks like it could fit inside the regult.
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