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  1. I stand corrected. These look pretty good.
  2. yeah there was a movie and a tv version of the cannon fodders, they have different heads and slightly different paintjobs iirc. Also those ground crew came with the Yammie destroids, not the cannon fodder, iirc. I like those ground crew better than the gundam crew.
  3. Yeah, doesn't look like they fixed it
  4. I think it was January 2019 or December 2018.
  5. The dx vf-1 has a nose cone that folds down without a radar inside, and the leg flaps fold flat, so Bandai has already designed this toy for the Gbp, it’s just a matter of time. the 1/60 chogokin line has had a lot of large radomes so it is probably a toy they can make in the future but no prototype has been displayed.
  6. I don't really see the similarity other than they also use metal and the price point is similar.
  7. A little off topic, but members here have compared the Dx line to the metal build Gundams. Amiami has a metal build in stock.
  8. Nice review for both comparisons on the 1/60 and 1/48 scales. I have the same thing about those vertical pegs for the arms under the fighter mode. They should have had some side pegs to connect to the legs. Seeing your side by side of the 1S with so much tampo, makes me think of my Takara seekers. IIRC, I think Shoji also designed these, and the "no step" markings are everywhere but they're less obnoxious because the markings are smaller and seem more realistic. I do like the tampos but for future releases Bandai should take a page from Takara. Sometime I'll dig it out of storage and compare them. @jenius on a related point, the bandai stand is so boring, you have to take it apart for each mode, and it needs some force. Also the 1j stand is boring it only does one mode. for the yammie arcadias, I don't recall which it came with but I got a clear big stand that I prefer over the launch arm (the launch arm looks nice cuz it's like the movie, but it's not that balanced). The clear big stand might have come with GBP (?) and I like that it's sturdy and easily adjustable and has storage options. I got it a while back. I'd expect Bandai to come up with better designs since there are so many better stands out there now I've seen come with similarly priced collectables. That Bandai stand that comes with the $1000 Nu Gundam is a display that might work with the DX. Or some stands for heavier toys have ratchets and locks for flying poses. I don't mind buying a separate stand if it's nice but the stock stand isn't very good.
  9. Awesome collection. No yellowing from UV rays. Haha that's like my collection that's not on rotation display
  10. beatsing

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Yup, I like those radomes valks too. Thanks for filling me on the rest. Weird that they reissued a Messer, when they should have reissued the 31a.
  11. Comment applies to both quotes above. Bandai's staff don't know much about the franchises they make toys for. The stock for the popular 1S should be more than Max 1a. Also Max was a strange choice for the second dx. Considering the secondary market for 1j, or the preorder madness, Bandai should reissue the 1j. Bandai displayed the movie squadron, so they're probably going to issue Max movie, and Kakizaki movie. But I'd rather buy 1j than Kakizaki since I'm not collecting the squad. But we haven't seen a Roy yet, and it'll be seconds in preorder window.
  12. beatsing

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Hobby search has Messer/Hayate for 22000 https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10540715 and Chuck for 24200 if anyone is interested. Are these variants not popular? I haven't watched Delta so I don't know. I like the design though.
  13. My experience with HS has been limited. About a few seconds before it's cart jacked ha ha Joking aside, haven't had any defective items with them so curious to see how it pans out @DYRL VF-1S The stuff I've bought from them are in stock and not huge demand like Figma or Revoltech.
  14. ha ha ha he looked familiar just couldn't place him
  15. haha is that the guy from 47 ronin?
  16. @jenius I like that it was a somewhat realistic paint scheme. Was the market saturated, or was it cuz the colors were not in the cartoon or movie? This is the scenario with NY's defective product, and they banned me without communicating, no offer of points. But then still send me emails about products and greetings.
  17. Bandai should do a low viz 1/48. Second the suggestion of Bandai doing SDF. They're more likely to do the movie version though.
  18. My stick and Rey are ok. The yellow has a stress mark out of the box. Comparing them, the part is cut thinner at the stress mark than the original Stick and Rey.
  19. My toys that aren't in direct sunlight haven't yellowed much. I also use this UV light spray, you can buy it at model stores mr super clear uv or flat
  20. Or maybe a fertility idol since there's a female image (Minmay) that's associated with all these crude objects that roughly resemble the human body form (battroid), a chicken(gerwalk), and an arrow(fighter). Notice how the "Yamato" doll has an exaggerated large phallus. We think these were for rituals for fertility.
  21. beatsing

    Hi-Metal R

    @sh9000 nice recreation. Brings me back ha ha
  22. My Yammie 1/48 from 20 years ago is still not yellow. It was an engineering revolution for toys, like MP-01. It was thing every serious collector was getting. And no preorder madness My 1/48 isn't very yellow. It's still off white and I've had it for 20 years or whenever it came out The hips on my DX vf-25 is getting loose even though I only display it on the stand. I think those metal parts are too heavy and put stress on the hips. hilarious. Oooo it's so shiny $2000 Sazabi to pair with that $1000 Nu Gundam My 1/48 isn't yellow, it's still off white. The joints are still good, not loose. For an old toy, the swing bar (most likely to be a problem for Bandai's two piece assembly) still works fine. That's quality and time tested. The Bandai *seems* superior for now; time will tell. And somebody just posted pics of breakages for the DX. My DX doesn't peg the arms securely in fighter mode even though there are pegs. I have a yammie VF1J off white but not yellow Hikaru too Hilarious. Archaeologists saying "what is protoculture?"
  23. Thanks @Lolicon for your comparison. I was thinking the same about the aesthetics, cuz I'm on the fence about this accessory. I'm not interested in the missile pack as I don't really display my 1/48 valks or 1/60 with the missiles on. I have a yammie SSP pack and I don't display it that much either, so I'm not going out of my way for SSP. I mostly display them as naked valks because I like the aesthetic of each mode, and the GBP and SSP can be fun, but are a little busy. Guests who are not familiar with Macross can appreciate the naked valk, but have no idea what the SSP is - did you just strap on a rocket and gun to your model airplane? one guest asked. ha ha Or maybe it's because I have Max, and I don't think he rode with the SSP in the TV series ha ha
  24. Agreed. Mass production requires functional designs. On the whole, Riobot's designs are pretty good, but this mass failure is not acceptable for this price point, and I've been a fan of their work for years. You're right on the money, and the DX VF-1 line looks to be that (almost) flawless toy in that $200 category. My yellow went from $200 centerpiece, to $200 brick/statue out of the box. If anyone asks me about Riobot, it'd be hard to recommend them at this point. If Sentinel offered replacement parts or replacements like Figma did with Berserk, that would buy a lot of good will. If that's the case, then Sentinel should have included replacement parts in the box, or made the joints like the rest of the bike, with those ball joints that pop off and on.
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