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Question Re: IMAI 1/72 Variable VF-1J


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26 minutes ago, Radioguy said:

For those who have this kit, I was first exposed to it in the USA as distributed by Revell, and noticed the head has no "rim" to the visor; it's one smooth surface to the "lens".

My question: Is that 1J head design unique to this mold?

I noted that smoothness also on Imai's  Macross VF-1J and on the Super VF-1 1/72 series as well. I don't know if the Battroid VF-1J is smooth, but maybe someone else here would know on that.

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Yeah-can confirm the smooth goggle on the kits you mentioned. Can only suspect they were trying to go for a smoother blend of the head in fighter mode
The 1/72 Imai Battroid kit (and subsequent Bandai versions) has a defined goggle...you could perhaps swap it with some work

Nice catch...one just tends to ignore/accept things like that after looking at it for 40 years are without asking hmmmm.....

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Well, my pinup version of the VF-1J is the "Axoid" version on the Revell box. Blood red, with a smooth black head. Looks menacing. More than he would with the "goggle". I guess that's why it stuck with me.

Sadly, I actually have none to swap, and would sooner want a version which I could swap onto a HMR or DX these days.

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