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Covers of "Ai Oboete Imasu Ka"?


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How many covers, professional and otherwise, are there of this song? Which are your favorite? I ask because I've had this particular rendition by Mikuni Shimokawa in my playlist for years and only recently discovered it was from an early 2000s album that..,. apparently consists entirely of different covers/remixes of the song. If anyone has any information on this album, I'd appreciate that as well. Thanks, cheers all.




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Are we talking official franchise ones only, unofficial professional ones, or just fan covers?

The Japanese Wikipedia page for the song has an entire section devoted to the song's licensed covers:


Do You Remember Love [ edit ]


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Oof. That's quite the list. How many of those have people actually heard? is what I want to know now. :lol:

That's odd. The "Review" cover album I looked up doesn't match the one I remember. The "Review" I remember had the song in four variants (plus karaoke versions), including Shimokawa's and a Cantonese language version (the one mentioned above by Priscilla Chan). The "Review" that exists is apparently a Mikuni Shimokawa album, where she covers multiple anime songs.

Most likely the disc I received way back when was a burned disc, some weirdly specific bootleg. Meh. Anyway.

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Christina Vee and I had worked on a cover together back in the old days. We did 3 different releases of which all seem to of gone poof...she had 2 of them and I had the other. But Youtube forced them out despite the fact they were covers. The 1st version we used the Flashback 2012 music video of DYRL with my english audio to make it perfect. The 2nd version was using the same song during the final battle of the film with all the english audio we had worked on. The final version was the Frontier Ranka edition sung in the original pilot special. 
Sadly as her career took off she had to remove all that content and I got nailed as well despite them being covers. Go figure on that. Wish I could bring them back. 

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