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MOSPEADA 1/12 modelkit customized

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Excellent work. 

I did the same with the helmets but I used my trusty dremel/Multitool for the internal sanding LOL

If your interested for skinny High articulation 1/12 figures for the future. You should look at some of the Blank figures by SH Figuarts, Damtoys, Crazyfigure and even Figma (They will be the shortest of he brands mentioned).

 I did not go for fixed Armoured mode. Instead I have made the armour fit the figure as Ride armour. So I could do some custom cloth uniform and armour wearing figures to go with my Sentinel Riobot 1/12 figures.

I will have photos soon of them too. I built the Bike mode versions of my Mospeada. As they are same size as the Sentinel Riobot, complement nicely.

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Great work! It's inspired me a bit, I saw your video a few weeks ago, and again hunted it down just now.. I've got the non-converting 1/15(i think!) scale kits of Fuke and Yellow and thinking of doing similar but I haven't located a good action figure that matches in size. and you know, Covid's keeping me out of stores to research which figure to trash. :)

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