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  1. LOL too afraid to use my dremel inside that helmet, I could tear it apart
  2. Hey! Since this is the Mospeada thread, I share with you my "life experience" customizing this old Imai Mospeada kit:
  3. Hi! just made a video review about my build and mods to improve the kit. I hope you like it!
  4. Hi! Just to show the modifications I did on my defender kit https://youtu.be/ZC090jB_UWg
  5. The final part of Armored Valkyrie build
  6. Just made a new WIP video about the painting
  7. Thanks for your comments! Yes, I was a little disappointed for the stickers, but the sculpt of the kit is so well done that i loved the build. What surprised me is that each kit comes with an extra piece not shown in the instructions, a tubular piece that I suppose is a reminiscence of the weird colored bubble that came with the original vintage releases.
  8. Hi! I just made sort of a video review of armored valkyrie nichimo 1/200 kits (first time doing this)
  9. Thnaks!, you are totally right, I spent near a month and a half working on this one.
  10. Hi! here is my build of the bandai 1/200 kit (re-release of vintage imai kit) I am planning to make a diorama base for this one, still not decided if it will be an interior or exterior scene. I remember some time ago I saw a pic of one of these on a diorama base standing near a cliff with trees around preparing to shoot aiming high, but never found the pic again.
  11. I think Bandai is a better option because of the many gimmicks removed, that gives you great landing surfaces on Daedalus and Prometheus, otherwise you will need to remove the springs and stuff and fill the holes.
  12. Hey! Your work was one of my references for this custom because it is very close to the original Studio Nue TV design, unlike many other Macross TV version constructions that look loosely based on the TV design or even fusioned with DYRL design.
  13. Some Cruiser Mode pics: Thinking about a proper diorama base stand
  14. Some new pics in better quality, sorry for the view of my living room . Many decals added.
  15. I don't know... in fact that album documenting his custom work was what inspired me to make my own (I discovered it just a few months ago)
  16. Hi everyone! Here is my customization of the vintage SDF-1 Macross, sold as Robotech toy in USA by Matchbox. Still unfinished, I am adding more detail at some places yet.
  17. Hi guys... Some time ago I got an old loose 1/40 Nikick toy, most stickers unapplied, a missing foot and broken gun handle. Since I'm a fan/builder of model kits I started to revamp my Nickik with a weathered look (like the photograps on the back of the boxes of 1/60 orguss toys). I'm trying to imitate an anime accurate color scheme or maybe something intermediate between anime accurate and box art of orguss toys (the original color scheme of the toy is a little different). The result I obtained is shown at the pictures below, but... one thing I think I need is some of the stickers (which i d
  18. These are the extra pieces i was talking about..... and they fit much better than i tought they would..... The fit is very tight and supports well the weight of the DX (of course you need to use two supporting arms)
  19. Those pieces are included with the action bases, it's the one that looks like a small bent arm extension with a little "hook" on the end (I think that ones are intended to grip the Gundams hip axis). I'll try to post detailed pics later.
  20. Finally!!... i bought some bandai Frontier Action Bases (made for the model kits) and was able to attach the VF-25 DX to one of them!!(using some extra pieces). Initially, i thought i should kitbash the stands to fit the DX on it, but surprisingly all what i needed was to use 2 "arms" and the fit was perfect!!! i'm so happy i didn't need to buy one of the expensive tamashii exclusive frontier stands.
  21. Hi guys, i have a VF-25F and VF-25G model kits, and they look awesome in fighter mode on their Bandai Action Base Displays, so i want to do the same with my VF-25F (first release) Bandai DX and my VF-1S yamato V2. Since Bandai doesn't sell the Frontier display bases (that later came with super-pack, armored-pack and tornado-pack versions) alone, i need to buy some of the other ones around. I have seen many others, but i need a display base sturdy enough to hold my VF-25 DX. I was wondering if the Yamato Display Base (http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00045) could hold a VF-25 DX, because i really
  22. Never tried to modify the hands, it would be necessary a hand with fingers capable of a complete extending, and i'm definitely not willing to buy a perfect grade gundam just for the hands... hehe. I got the sticker sheets and the extra-parts from HLJ, you can order model kit parts from them if you specify the kit (name, scale, manufacturer, etc) and the parts runner ID. They sent me 4 sheets (2 stickers and 2 decals) and the runner containing the leg fins for $35 (without shipping).
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