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M Frontier: Mobile Soldier Vajra


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Some time ago I made this Little Vajra, it was mostly based on the Line art proportions which in fact are inaccurate compared to the proportions seen in the TV eps and movies. You can still see it there:

Also due to a change of Shapeways sprues policies, my model was not printable anymore, so I decide to update the whole model with:

1) better proportions, from 16 cm long to 18 cm long. The figure is also bigger.
2) new tail design featuring a 5mm diameter x 22cm long silicon hose instead of a silicon flat band
3) new "hands", more accurate shapes and more articulations with a better grip
4) simpler model with less small parts.

The complete model can be bought on shapeways for a little less than 65 USD (with "Extended" production time): https://www.shapeways.com/shops/xigfrid3dshop?section=Little+Vajra&s=0

You will need a few additional material to assemble it:

1) 3x screws dimensions M1.7 x 6mm
2) 1x bigger screw (2.3 - 2.7 mm diameter x 8-9mm long)
3) about 100cm of  0.8mm copper line for the legs and the tail, I also used a fine fish line to drag the larger copper line in the legs holes
4) 5mm diameter x 22cm long silicon hose for the tail. You can choose your favorite color.. I went with a green "glow in the dark" hose.
5) a few 1mm diameter metallic rods cut to the correct length to fit the different fingers articulations, I used 1mm x 20mm nails for that.
6) 2x magnets of  3mm diameter x 1mm depth (optional) They help secure the little legs under the belly, but they are also secured with the Jaw mechanism


HERE IS THE ASSEMBLY manual if needed : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iyCkM98lGnNUwb7-1dFj-boI6miCCUoF/view

Enjoy the build!


02 old.jpg

01 old.jpg

34b view.jpg

34 view.jpg

side view.jpg

bot view.jpg

top view.jpg

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Pretty busy night thanks to a new Shapeways delivery.

had time to almost finish assembling this high mobility Vajra and I have to say this is really a beasty! 

Sunce it uses screws and 0,7mm copper wires, it is far sturdier than the previous one. And the bigger size and better proportions make it fantastic! I am really happy of the result. 

I will get more picture once painted 


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Little and big brothers on play ground! A few pictures of the new Vajra painted.

Note that I still need to figure out how to make the eyes. The previous one had the eyes shaped from super glue, for the new one I want to use some kind of plastic jewel or something more shinny. 






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