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I'm working on updating my Yamato V2 review with content from Arcadia's most recent release and was hoping to do a picture similar to this one I just did for the 1/48s:


Unfortunately, I'm having a deuce of a time finding good pictures of some of the boxes. The ones that are proving the most troublesome for me are:

1) VF-1A Assembly kit
2) VF-1J Hikaru weathering edition (I can fake this one pretty easily)
3) VF-1D Assembly kit
4) Original VF-1S Assembly kit (the one without option parts)

The picture has to be straight on like the ones above. I am hoping to find an image that is at least 400x400. If anyone can help me out you can attach it to a PM or email me at micronian_ace@anymoon.com. Thanks!

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Thanks guys. No huge rush. Cell phone camera should be fine if you can get the angle pretty straight on. I can do some tweaks in photoshop if there are any minor issues. Since there were so many releases each release will appear pretty small in the final pic.

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Hey guys, so I posted this pic in the Arcadia thread. Thank you for helping make it happen. It's been pointed out that I am missing the Weathering Max VF-1S box. It's also been pointed out that it might pre-date the round weathering sticker that appeared on later Weathering releases. So, I'm now looking for a straight on picture of the Yamato V2 weathering Max VF-1S release so we can see if there's any way to tell it apart from the standard release. Does it have a yellow BW sticker? if anyone owns a Yamato V2 Weathering Max VF-1S my ask is this:
1) A simple confirmation it looks the same as the regular release included in the picture below but with a yellow BW sticker and/OR
2) A picture of the box taken from directly in front of it like the boxes in the picture below
Thanks in advance if you can help!
EDIT - just found a picture of a "not weathering" release with the yellow sticker so I'm pretty sure it was just a normal Max VF-1S box and you had to lift up the panel to realize it was a weathering version.


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This is a picture of the weathered VF-1S Max that I received from Jungle. As someone stated in another thread, it does appear that the only difference between the cover of the box for the weather and regular is a yellow box on the bottom left corner of the front.

Hope this helps with completely your pictures of the review.

Great work as always!


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Thanks! I found some historical "for sale" listings of other Weather Max VF-1S toys and it looks like the BW sticker is random so it's effectively just a normal box, same with the Hikaru 1J weathering release. Mystery solved. This thread is done, thanks everyone!


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