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Minmei DYRL Kit


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Thanks nightbat... It's been posted in other threads but it should have its own, unless I missed it. There are way too many weird threads where kits are combined within.

It's easy to get lost in the mix, did a search but came up empty, figured it better to risk posting old news than members missing out

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From the description of the kit on HLJ, it states that the kit parts are molded in colored plastic, so it doesn't need painting, and includes decals for her eyes.

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My post on the Macross Figures thread:

[ EDIT ]
I just browsed Good Smile Company and found this description.

The model kit has parts separated into different colors, meaning that just putting the model together looks great even without the need for paint - but you can of course paint it for an even more detailed personal rendition! Eye decals are also included. The shawl of her outfit is made with translucent parts to recreate the appearance in the series. Build Lynn Minmay from the final battle with your own two hands!


Here's a photo of PLAMAX MF-02 Barney.


Photos from TagHobby.

Now it's safe to preorder. ;) How I wish their upcoming 1/20 Hikaru's VF-1A/S will come as pre-painted as well. ^_^

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