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Shao Pai Long Movie inspiring Martial Arts on Zentradi?


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While watching Kung Fu Panda 3 of all things an idea came to my head concerning Veffidas.

From what we know before Veffidas joined the Macross 7 Fleet is that she was a martial arts fighter. Going by her Macross 7 Plus clip she was on this Zentradi planet fighting bear handed against other fighters. No sign of guns whatsoever.

In Macross 7 Encore episode on the origins of Fire Bomber Veffidas when she was still a giant fought her suitor whon is also a martial artist.

Now the first general exposure of culture to Zentradi is Minmay and her movie Shao Pai Long which is a Kung Fu movie.

At first Vrilithwai and Exsedol thought Humans had super natural powers watching it.

What if instead of being lured by civilian life some Zentradi liked the life of a martial artist?

Zentradi are soldiers what some chose to live a life of warrior instead? Hence what we see on Veffidas' past. Being inspired by a Kung Fu movie.

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IMO the best way for them to live the life of a warrior is to join the UN armed forces, and yes there are UN Spacy Zentradi combat units (as seen in Frontier and Delta).

It seems that all we've ever seen of them were in garrisons. On Galia 4, the boredom was driving the marine units a bit nuts, to the point of insurrection against their commanders.

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Wasn't veffidas a macronized pro wrestler?

From what I remember with M7 Encore and M7 Plus she isn't. She did German supplex a Meltradi opponent in M7 Plus they were fighting in the middle of nowhere on a middle of nowhere planet. Veffidas is like Kenshiro fighting thug after thug.

In M7 Encore she beat her suitor in a fight who confesses while he lies on the ground. This was when she was still a giant and first saw Basara.

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