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Project: DYRL-style VF-1A head for 1/55s


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So, how does this look as a possibility?


Anyone interested in a custom head based on this, cast in resin?

This is just a very basic dryfit on a Bandai reissue DYRL 1/55 VF-1A. The head actually comes from this plastic SD-series kit:


Thoughts, anyone? While it's SD, I think it has the style of interpretation seen in the other superchunk 1/55 heads. It would look right at home on those big square shoulders...

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Yes, I just folded the 1S head that was on the piece (a junked Jetfire head that was on it when I got it) back for the dryfit. So the final product won't have a Zaphod Beeblebrox thing going on. B)) Since then I've removed the Jetfire head. I also test-fitted the stock SD head assembly against fighter & GERWALK modes, and for mechanical clearances during transformation, and it worked out well for those. Mechanically, the challenges I see will be working out a clean parts-separation that keeps mold-lines to a minimum or keeps them consistent with the toy series' design conventions while allowing for articulation of the head's laser (which is vital for fighter mode and transformation mechanics), and also accommodating the variations in neck post & socket dimensions between the original Matsushiro tooling and the retooled parts in Bandai's modern reissues... especially if I develop this for a production run that can be shared with other members of the community.

I did the same thing years ago with my Jetfire (Low Vis Scheme), overall I thought it looked good, but I feel the SD 1A head is just slightly larger than the 1/55 should be! B))

Yes, perhaps by a couple of per-cent. I was thinking of perhaps sanding down the two halves along the midline to narrow it out a bit. Unmodified, the chin and lower surfaces also have some excess structure on them specific to the plastic kit's connection needs. It will come off for this mod. So the overall profile of the piece will be reduced a little, and it may shrink a tiny bit in recasting.

Do you have any pics of your mod around to share? Did the transformation mechanics accommodate the larger head?

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