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I just got my hands on Chie's first album, "Loophole," and I was surprised to see in the liner notes that she thanks Tomo Sakurai, among others (though I didn't see any call-out to Fukuyama).

The reason I was surprised was that I thought I had heard (from the SpeakerPODcast?) that - unlike May'n and Aya Endo - the two women didn't work closely together or even meet until after recording for their series was over. I'm not saying that's impossible (Loophole was released in late '95, around the same time the last M7 episode aired, so presumably recording for each wrapped up much earlier), but it just got me curious about the relationship between these two ladies

I know Tomo was involved in one of the Mylene night events. What else have the two done together? Are they friends?

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Also - sorry to be a pain, but I really dig Chie - I noticed something in her appearance on Animax a few years ago.

When Chie is introduced (around 6:50), May'n gives Chie's name in the western style (given name, family name), and Chie repeats it the same way. This is in contrast to the other guests. What's up with that?

I don't speak Japanese or have any great understanding of the customs, so I apologize if I missed something basic.

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Maybe this is getting creepy, but since some folks have met her, I wondered about how tall Chie is. When she appeared on stage with Megumi (who the interwebs say is 157cm) for some of the FB7 promotions, Chie looked considerably shorter. But with shoes, camera angles, etc. it's hard to tell.

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