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Banshee's First Impressions of Macross 7!

VF-15 Banshee

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For the most part I actually enjoyed Macross 7... but I had a few issues:

1. Canned combat footage (I really felt that by the time M7 came around, the animation community should've been beyond this)

2. Basara was a complete douche (right for the character or not, if I had known the guy in real life, I would've punched him in the throat) and WAY too John Lennon-ish

3. "anima spiritia". 'nuff said.

4. Totsugeki Love Heart, and Planet Dance... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overused

5. Your average UN Spacy pilot couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a handful of corn, or dodge even the slowest of projectiles. Congratulations Battle Seven, your airwing is the Special Olympics of the entire UN Fleet. and while we're on the subject....

6. For a New Macross-class battlefortress, Battle Seven went down like my ex-fiance' in a bar full of sailors after only a couple of shots against Gelpernitch. ... and while we're on THAT subject...

7. It's a MAN, baby! Yeah! (despite both looking and sounding like a woman.... probably the joke of the survey team before the protodevilin possessed him, and probably got beat up a lot as a kid)

Some of my personal highlights:

1. Max is old, but can still cook a few fools

2. Macross IIs soundtrack getting used in Mac 7

3. Milia rocking the VF-1J, if only for a few episodes

4. Pretty much the entire Fire Bomber soundtrack, including the Dynamite stuff

5. Basara's belief that his song could move mountains... I actually found this touching somehow, despite how much I hated the character

6. Definitely a Rex guy... dem boobies...

7. Veffidas and her IDGAF attitude, always drumming away

Still one of the two weakest entries in the series to me (next to Zero), but I'll watch the series every other year or so.

I personally can't understand why this is an issue. ^_^

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I personally can't understand why this is an issue. ^_^

I hear ya! Planet dance got old pretty fast, but I have no limits where Totsugeki Love Heart is concerned.

And where's the love for the MacPlus soundtrack? It barely got used in M7, but every second of Mai Yamane is golden.

I'm just kidding around though - I think Skull Leader's take was very balanced.

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