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Bandai VF-25F DX customization


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like many people, i was a little dissapointed with my VF-25 DX, i know is still a great toy but... there were things i disliked: the awful totally vertical "mini-stabilizers" (fighter), the hip joints location (battroid), and the extremely fragile paint apps.

Well, i couldn't stand watching at my VF-25 like this, so i decided to do what i could to solve it. Until now, i have no idea how to solve the hip problem, but for the stabilizers i had an idea: replace the awful original stabilizers with the great stabilizers of the model kit. I didn't want to left my model kit with no stabilizers, so i ordered some extra model kit parts and sticker sheets from Bandai through HLJ, and after some modifications to the toy itself (cutting, drilling, sanding, etc), i was able to put the new stabilizers on my DX with good results, mantaining the pivoting mechanism that fold the stabilizers inside the leg cover. I also modified the knee joint, to improve stability in gerwalk mode and to avoid the need to unlock the legs. I added some panel lines detailing and some extra stickers too.

Here the pics














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That is much better with the leg fins. Good thing the ones on the kit are a bit oversized, they look perfectly to scale here. :lol:

Now, figure out a way to recast those godawful warped wings. Of all the problems I have with the DX, that one is by far the worst. At least you can hide the landing gear, but those wings are an utter eyesore to me.

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If I may ask, what did you do to modify the knee joint?

The fiddly GERWALK mode is my only major complaint about this toy.

Hi Hutch, it's difficult to explain that without a pic (i'll try to take a pic later), but i'll do my best for now.

The tight piece has two white sections: upper (air intake) and lower (that connects to the gray knee piece). The part that needs modification is the lower tight piece.

First: In the inner side of this piece there are two small tops at the union with the grey piece, these tops prevents the grey piece to spin forward. Cut those inner tops and leave the inner side of the low tight flat.

Second: in the front side of the lower tight there is an area with some detailing near the grey knee piece. You need to cut a couple of milimeters of that area in order to allow the gray piece to move forward.

Doing that modifications in both lower tights will allow you to move the gray knee piece one click forward, which results in a great gerwalk improvement.

This could have better results if the white knee cover was not joined to the knee itself but to the large lower leg section (just like the model kit).

I hope this could be useful.


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have you try to modify the hand? *i was thingking to use perfect grade gundam custom for the hand coz they have some articulation*..

and where did you get the stiker from?

Never tried to modify the hands, it would be necessary a hand with fingers capable of a complete extending, and i'm definitely not willing to buy a perfect grade gundam just for the hands... hehe.

I got the sticker sheets and the extra-parts from HLJ, you can order model kit parts from them if you specify the kit (name, scale, manufacturer, etc) and the parts runner ID. They sent me 4 sheets (2 stickers and 2 decals) and the runner containing the leg fins for $35 (without shipping).

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