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Has anyone done an english transformation guide for SV-51?

wm cheng

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Hi all,

I'm sure Graham is super-busy and I appreciate all that he's done for the site, so with his new review out for the 1/60, I guess the old SV-51 isn't going to get that transformation guide eh? I've still been too afraid to transform my SV-51, its quite unlike any of the other Valks, does anyone have a english transformation guide that they can point me in the direction of? Also tips & suggestions or points to watch out for for a first time SV-51 transformer would be greatly appreciated.


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There's a Japanese page that I used:

Fighter to Gerwalk:


Gerwalk to battroid:


Feel free to ask any questions, I just transformed my Nora for the first time in a long time this week, so I "forgot" a bit and had to re-learn it---so now I'm familiar with it again and where you might get stuck. :)

Things to watch out for:

Step 5 of fighter to gerwalk---those are actually the knee caps. They hinge separately from the legs, and they have quite a grip in fighter mode. Be sure you're raising the knee cap UP, not trying to bend the lower legs down.

Step 12 of fighter to gerwalk--the shoulder pad DOES raise up and angle slightly, but it's only like 1mm. Raise the "outer" edge first, should help you figure it out. Will distinctly click/snap into place in all positions.

The nosecone will not lock/hold in place by itself---it is held in place by being trapped between parts of the fuselage once the torso is all locked together.

The "z-folding" hinge by the shoulder (step 13 of F to G)---impossible to describe, just kind of fiddle with it until you figure out the "fully forward" and "fully back" positions of it. Its main purpose is to "lock" the diecast part of the shoulder in gerwalk/battroid mode. (the diecast piece is lowered onto it, and kind of catches an angled tab on the hinge)

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