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Which clear coat to use?


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I'm looking for a flat clear coat spray can that spray directly on the plastic surface of a toy or model that gives a flat finish to cover up the plastic looking color.

I found 2 spray paint from testers.


Clear Flat Finish Spray



Dullcote Spray

Which on should I use??

Or am I supposed to spray a gloss clear first and then spray the flat to make sure it is not too flat??

Please help.

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No, you don't need to gloss coat something before giving it a flat coat. The only

reason you need to lay down a gloss coat, is to give the model/toy a smooth

surface for the decals. This helps prevent the decals from silvering.

I have had very good results with the Testor's Dull Coat. It gives you a nice, even

flat finish to your model.

If you want a semi-gloss coat, you will need to find a can of semi-gloss (if they

make such a thing) or mix a flat base (Tamiya) with a clear coat (like Future),

and apply it with an airbrush to give you the semi-gloss look.

Short answer after a long reply, use the Testor's Dull Coat. :)

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To be perfectly honest, I have never used the Model Master line of clear coats.

However, considering Model Master is a product line of Testors (which makes the

Dull Coat I recommend), I would assume the stuff works.

Has anyone else out there ever used the Model Master line of clear sprays?

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Dullcoat is all I use for flat finishes on all my models. It's lacquer based and I spray it via my airbrush. I assume the finish will be pretty tough too considering that it's lacquer based but I could be wrong about that.

Dullcoat is very very flat, which is why I like it but it sounds like that's not the case for you.

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I got the reply from the site, and they said that

tes1960 in an enamel spray while the

tes1260 is a lacquer.

What is the difference between lacquer base and enamel? Is one particularly stronger?

Say, if I use Lacquer base color to paint the model and used lacquer base clear dullcote to give it a flat surface, they are going to react each other and ruin the previous paint layer, right?

And is it the same for enamel paints??

Therefore, I need to use different type of paint other than the type that was on top of the surface currently.

Please let me know.

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I use the model master dullcoat. And I've used the regular tester's stuff. I like Model Master better. It, for some reason, goes on quite easily and covers simpler than the dullcoat. but As far as finish, they are both the same I believe

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I usually use the bottle acrylic Model Master clear flat, I've been have good result so far. Even Testers make MM, MM paints (FS and clear) are accually much higher quality than the Testers stuff, at least from what I've seen. MM clear spray cans are all lacquer, meaning it can melt your base coat if apply too thick, just be careful with them.

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