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  1. anyone else have a prob with the leg armors? as in the nozzle on one is very loose but the others move very little and also making the landing gears in the legs loose that is jsut falls into place when you open the cover?

  2. Don't you guys see what is happening??? If we could see this on Robotech.com it would be awesome. Not the description, or names, but the fact that there could be a chance of HG distributing Yammies! At a fair price that would be. If that ever happens.

    Maybe I just went nutz, I though for a sec that this popcultureshock was somehow related to HG's Robotech.com.


    :ph34r: vic :ph34r:

    oil and water my friend oil and water

  3. Is Mao naked on that pic??? I wonder if she's gonna get the same treatment as Sara on ep.2...   :blink:

    She's quite under-age you sick puppy.... slap.gif

    Bah, she's of ripe child bearing age on her island. If I was animated & had one of those carved sticks.....

    longs Roy doesn't try to pick her up.

  4. On the side at the rear of the launcher is a motor for the high-speed exhaust expelling fan and on the butt-end there is a service hatch for maintenance of the exhaust/launch system

    That doesnt make sence, if fast packs is space only the fan is useless. Guess our great froating head had a differnt view of space back then or its some kind of overtech fan that anime magicly blows something to cool it down.

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