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  1. I've yet to hear any actual reasons why it's so beloved.

    M7 -- Best characters, best music, best story. Enough reasons for ya?

    on your eyes and your avatars eyes ;) . on my eyes bad chars that seem too much like a combo of a bad soap opera and powerrangers; ave music except for the one saturday night for being played so must and second for power to all played too much but since it was later in the series its not completely hated or burnt in my mind; ave story too slow at start and seems they went too fast at areas near the end "example im still trying to figure out who or what folded city 7 to battle 7 during its last moments b4 battle 7 fell."

  2. I need a GBA myself. I had one when they first came out, and it was promptly broken by my little brother. I'm thinking of the red SP. The color is just so perfect for Char Aznable! I'm gonna get one and airbrush an ince yellow Zeon logo on it.

    Alternately, I could get the bare metal one and use transparent paint to make it green without obscuring the metal grain and texture. IO could than give it the Zeon Mass Production treatmean. Which do you guys think would be cooler?

    theres a metal one?

  3. An Alien quadrilogy must be a figment of the imagination, as everybody knows that there are only two Alien movies.

    Now everybody repeat after me "there are only two Alien movies".


    only two alien movies.....

    no wait only one alien movie and one aliens movie... right?

    edit: movies -> movie

  4. The Stickers are the same thick plastic stickers as before. Like the sheets offered with the 1/60 line, the names of Max, Millia and Kakizaki appear, as a matter of fact, it looks exactly like a blown up 1/60 sheet !. These stickers will never touch the skin of my VF-1J as long as Takatoys makes his custom stickers.

    have you tried removing the protective layer on the stickers? sometimes you have to remove some glue that got left on the sticker and it makes it more reflective but it cuts the thickness in half.

  5. could be just holes to make room for something during transformation or if flare/chaff guess its possible like in mac plus but wont make sence to be on the chest (quick a bull is comming let me take off my red shirt and throw it directly infront of me).

    the chaf/flare launchers are very old system it can also be in our great froating head's mind of a ot version would be.

  6. Nice work!

    One beef, though...looking at the holes, wouldn't a shot that big (regardless of weapon type) have blown Roy apart if they hit that close to him?

    what im thinking since i seen that ep. that it wasnt the blast that killed him but rather the blast shot parts of the cockpit into roy much like a frag grenade and getting a bit of sharpnel in a fatal spot.

    the model is great any top down picks of the cockpit. maybe we can get a better view if the glare from the glass is not too much.

  7. buying a DVD burner, installing a DVD burning, tracking down DVD encoding software, wasting precious printer ink to make a cover, tracking down a spare amaray case....


    -Picking up an $11 HK DVD, premake art, passable subtitles (download a script if necessary).

    Which is better again??? :)

    not to mention dvd burners are starting to be reasonable in price and have the software bundled with it. printing it out if anybody does that is not realy precious and i get tons of those dvd cases from my friends aol, msn, earthlink, juno, ect... for free in my mail.




    so is it up on winMX?

  8. The character designs look fine to me.

    For once, can't you guys get over the whole he "doesn't look like it in the anime/game/comicbook, it's fugly" bit and just sit back and enjoy? <_<<_<<_<

    well not everybody is a fan of a zombie/goth and that russion in the rocky movie with a big sword that is easily defeated by a small sword. I just hope they do other movies based on some of the other ff games. im sure they can please anyone with that much varity.

  9. Now something I want to get off my chest...in the video game, you are a T-850...you even start to loose your fleshling disguise as you loose health to show your a T-850. But in the movie it's clear that Arnold is a T-800 series...what went wrong? This is something I want to ask Atari or the people who made the Terminator movie...this is just whacked out of understanding to me...

    i think its a inside joke. arnold is getting old and im guessing 50 years old by now. sounds better than the pc version. the demo is not very good.

  10. Hi I'm not dead ! :p

    Like some of you know, I'm a big fan of the two PC Engine games "Macross 2036" and "Macross Eternal Love Song". Many consider them as ugly bastard childs (not unlike the evil Bart twin in some Simpsons Horror Show), but I still love them.  ;)

    Some time ago, I did some translations (chara profiles and some other stuff) from these games. I showed them to my good friend and fellow MWer Roycommi, but I never posted them. Why ? Although I'm studying English and Japanese, they're not my native language and some of my translations sounded retarded.  :(

    I finally decided to post them, these translations sound a bit retarded but IMHO they will probably be more useful on MW than lying in my hardrive.  :unsure: 

    Hey I'm not dead either...just in Cairo, Egypt!!!

    I was so bored after arriving in Cairo (I work for the Foreign Services now), so I ordered BOTH Macross 2036 and Eternal Love Song. Problem is that now I have to find an emulator for PC Engine CD. Could you shed some light, Yoshi?

    Miss ya all greatly, and too bad I can't attend the MacrossWorld Cons anymore...wish I could make more spaghetti for you guys, and my newly learned Thai green curry...

    should be easy to find the emulator in google but with mac eternal love song you might have probs with it not loading after the first mission like i did.

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