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  1. Wait what? Aliens that loose the abilty to fly out to space once they reach earth and no pew pew lasers? guess bad exit strategy is rampant among the universe and no lasers... cmon aliens and lasers go hand and hand like alcholics and beer even cowboys and aliens had flasy pew pew and I rage vomit when I was force to watch that on my duty day.

  2. Why? He wasn't the one who made the current policies (they were most recently revised after the Tokaimura JCO Criticality Accident), and a large part of the response (especially the oft confusing announcements and general dearth of information) is due to TEPCO.

    The Yokosuka based CVN-73 (George Washington) has been sent up the coast to help, and the CVN-76 (Ronald Reagan) was redirected from exercises off the Korean peninsula to the Tohoku region.

    I don't believe we can do much as my ship is still in Maintenance mode since Winter cruise ended but we can if we have to (Man power wise minus normal required personal to keep the ship operational. Its mainly USS Ronald Reagan to pick up the slack till we are fully ready.

  3. From my limited experience at looking at friends Japanese phones when I've visited Tokyo & Kyoto, I'd say that pre-iPhone & Android era, Japanese phones were definitely superior to anything from Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson etc. In the present iPhone & Android era, I think Japanese phones have been surpassed.


    Totally agree on that. 2 years ago I got some casio cell phone from AU and now its collecting dust while im using my Iphone from softbank, plus having an Iphone in japan is a novelty like girls in the clubs like that you have one.

  4. hmm... favorite part of F-35, definitely that single slab cockpit display.


    Hope that screen is super-reliable, unlike my flat screen.

    doesn't have to, it can be repaired if it can't it can be replaced like all other aircraft parts. just hope it has a nice heat tolerance unlike some other components in an other type of plane, make my job easier

  5. 12) The tissue thing. You'll find out. :lol:

    Amen Brother. Also a good way to talk with those cute AU girls that pass them out with the ads.

    I never really encountered any cat girl cos players in Akihabara, I mainly seen angle/devil girl, nurses, and naruto ones.

    With trains, you should give up your seat if there's an elderly or a pregnant lady standing up nearby.

  6. Since this thread is about Aircraft, just thought I would throw out that I saw two B-2 Stealth Bombers fly over my house yesterday on return to Whiteman Air Force Base. way to awesome a sight, sadly I couldn't get my camera quick enough!! B))

    Also not sure if this is old or new, just saw on MSNBC they were showing an F-18 Super Hornet (aka the Green Hornet) that can run on a 50/50 mix of Bio-fuels & JP5.

    Not sure why its like a shock about jet engines running biofuel unless its hard to atomize, JP5 itself is hard to burn.

  7. www.spacedaily.com/reports/Armor_could_form_force_field_999.html

    I found a articles on Spacedaily.com about scientist in England who are developing Magnetically reinforced armor for vehicles. I don't know if that counts as Energy Converting Armor.

    Visit My Website Sorry if my link does not work.


    Something inside me saying that wouldnt be a good idea unless the projectile is like the same polarity else it would just attract it and basicly add more energy into the projectile to dump back into you.

  8. I say exo is like that is because its a protoculture psychological defense system, Like Pitbulls and Pugs or Persian cats they are so ugly that you have to keep it close to you. Plus would you really do mean things to something really ugly. I would be like "ahhhhh atleast hes trying his best, Its ok little exo we can work overtime to clone those 30 million people we flung into the massive black hole due to your miscalculations on the fold jump."

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