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  1. As I said--I can't risk dead pixels. I don't have very good luck with Nintendo portables, screen-wise. Nintendo of America has always been very good about replacing/fixing things---but if I get a Jp one with a pixel problem---there's nothing I can do.

    You don't have to worry about dead pixiles, I think its just over hyped. only thing you have to worry is the hinge crack issue or if you have my luck a blown fuse ,n2 i think it was called but its very fixable, and my other issue the power switch's arm breaks easily on ds lites.

    the switch on the side is just a slider that moves a long arm on the switch and it will break so many times you turn it on. it wont affect the dslite but just make it take longer to turn it on and off since i have to remove the power slider and now use just a pocket knife to move the switch to turn it on.

    BTW. always leave a card in the slot1, somehow my cousin wanted to play his game on my dslite and forgot to put back my game when he was done; When I put the dslite in my pocket a coin fell into the slot1 and popped the fuse when I turned it on. If your wondering if I should noticed a coin in there, it was a phil 1 peso coin which is large enough that it wont rattle inside and gets locked into place in the device that also locks the card into place too.

  2. I'm guessing it's targetting gear like the Lightning Pod, FLIR, etc.

    That or a laser jammer to protect it from ground troups using stingers, I figure with todays battlefield you want to keep your standard flares/chaffs for the aircraft and not waste them on numeraous troops with stringers.

  3. My theory is after a year or 2 of patrols un spacy declares macross too costly to run and converts it to a super space liner for tourist to view the solar system up close. the bridge bunnies take a part time job as waitress in bars wearing skimpy swimsuits, hikaru being not driven to join the un spacy, he becomes a taxi driver in some small town, fokker is eventauly discharged due to contracting many types of stds since he is a playboy pilot, the fat guy dies from a heart attack, max stays single and is a ceo of a computer company, misa becomes a high ranking general along with her steady girlfriend claudia who always bugs her to get married.

    oh yah global is also discharged to illegaly smuggling contraband at various stops on earth.


    minmay gets married to some guy she mets while working in the resteraunt that is still on the island and is never noticed by any media scouts (basicly just some girl like all the rest).

  4. Depending on the nature of the beam weapon, there may be some kind of explosive reaction at the point of impact. At the very least, it is the sudden expansion due to the intense heat applied.

    Physics aside (as anime physics is the most applicable kind here,) not all the energy weapons in Macross are lasers or laser based. A lot are called 'beam' weapons. Due to both anime physics and their mysterious beam nature, they provide some pretty noticeable explosive effects, and are visible as they take on properties normally associated with projectile weapons (slow moving, travel in arcs, etc..)

    I am by no means attempting to take away from your wonderfully accurate arguement, Mephistopheles. I merely wish to point out the variety of energy-based weapons in Macross.

    And kudos to JBO for correcting the cooling issue. Outside of a vehicle space is cold. Inside (and on the surface, if the surface is in the light of the star,) it can be anything but cool. As we are discussing an internally mounted laser generator, I see the cooling issue as a problem with moving a volume of heat from the generator to the heat sinks. This problem is equally applicable in space as it is in an atmosphere.

    Heat pipes like in laptops can work to move the heat to the heat dispersal device but it won't be good in combat, added overall empty weight so less ordance/fuel plus get damage easily and won't be as effective or none at all.

    about the explosion effects I will use the cheap excuse, they have a layer of gas in the skin so they blow up properly (blame the macross HMO :p (also introduced helmets with giant blind spot above your eyes) )

  5. just so long as we dont' ever see ships with "sponsor" names.

    I'd definately have to switch countrys if i ever saw a "USS Yahoo" or "USS Qualcomm"

    and how exactly can you call a ship a "she" if it's name is John F. Kenedy. They should be nameing them after the presedents first lady, or just go by the last name.

    very bizzare

    I wouldnt mind it if demoralizes the enemy well maybe not all of them, would hate to see they go nascar and put up a bunch of logos all over the ship. A pilot might have a hard time landing from the light bouncing off a shiny logo into his eyes.

  6. Glad to see you back up and running! And I am also thankful to both Rob or at Samurai Monkey and Hurin and the crew over at Macrossnexus for putting up with the refugees :)

    Hey on the subject of the board being back up, I am kind of a newbie to this sort of low-blow internet haxxxor crap. Since the board was compromised do all of the members need to change their passwords to help protect the site? I changed mine just to be sure I didn't leave any doors open, but i really don't know how it works or if that matters?



  7. You don't need a foundation. The tube will be pulled upwards by the centrifugal force of the anchoring satellite orbiting around the Earth. Think of it as a string tied to a rock you swing around, only thing you need is a little attachment point (like a ship or a modified oil rig like it's proposed) to prevent it from going around the place.

    The biggest problem is the tube being strong enough to support it's own (and the cargo's) weight, being flexible enough to survive the wind currents and getting it out of way of planes and space debris.

    And the Diet Coke+Menthos stuff. Damn nice trick for a party once everyone is drunk enough. But will ONLY work with Diet Coke. Pepsi won't cut it. And never, NEVER, try to do it in your mouth. That one isn't a nice show.

    You seen that guy in youtube? That was nuts :lol: almost like you died and gone to taco bell hell.

  8. Holy Crap! 


    That's a carrier deck!

    Dayum!  Well, guess they had to get it on there somehow....



    That's the JFK IIRC. As the blurb for the video says it would have made for a killer COD option if it weren't for the difficulty. Around the same time they also made plans to launch and recover the U-2 from carriers (I think it's the U-2R that's equipped with a carrier capable tail hook and folding wings).


    Good thing they didn't go with it. I remember video interviews with workers building those u2s accidently denting in the panels since its skin is so thin. U2 would never last long on a carrier.

  9. I don't think yamato uses medical grade plastic in their valks.

    But im going ahead on this experiment, if theres a fungus that eats cds there maybe a bateria that reacts with plastics like those oil eating bacteria found like a mile deep in the earth.

    edit: oh this is interesting. While doing some perperation research I found an article saying "A group of researchers in Ireland recently discovered a strain of soil bacteria that can eat styrene" wonder if I should try a sheet of white plastic and stick it in the ground covered in dirt to see what happens after month.

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