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  1. Last Sunday during my day off me and my friend went off to akihabara and wondered into the mandrake building to see whats in there today. I came across a couple gems and hopefully some of you guys in japan like me might be willing to snatch one of these guys since i couldn't get them all :), i just got the 1/100 vf-25 alto for 2000 yen.

    Not macross but im betting someone wants it :rolleyes: .


    theres alot more stuff in it than those 2 pics i took including a resin vf-19 blazer, gluags, 1/25000ish macross herself, and 1/60 yammys.

    Not quite sure on hows the 25th anniversary 1/48 q/c is but theres one here.


    I would took more pictures but i got distracted when a girl nearby was doing the playing with their hair around you flirt. Still getting used to the little things of japan but its all good. :lol:

  2. While I do think animal mecha are pretty silly (except for dogs, of course, which are automatically awesome), tails in nature serve the purpose of balance and stabilization on quadrupeds during running. Presumably, it would be something similar in a mech.

    the gun sniper's tail also is the main weapon. don't know how the phys on how the tail thats flexible turn into a rigid barrel for the sniper rifle.

  3. maybe from a more small corporation/cowboy bebop viewpoint with a common ship (non transforming) where an former anti-un solider goes to planet to planet trying to survive while avoiding the UN and maybe a few potshots into them too.... aka firefly.

  4. They're Nintendo-specialized. It's hard enough to get it over here as it is, though I haven't bothered to mess with opening a Nintendo unit in ages. You'd really have to talk to someone in the know.

    Looks like I may have to but I guess I never know, I could like accidentally walk into one of those mom and pop stores somewhere here in japan that does this kind of stuff. Im still new to this place since I only got here like a month ago.

  5. anyone know a physical store in japan that sells like tools and stuff for the nds? I need to pick up a tri-wing screw driver and a new touch screen but I can't really order one online here yet. I looked through akibara being the electronics capital of japan but its so large that it takes like weeks to just discover everything there.

  6. (Calls up the spirit of A1)

    I say toys should have more lead in them. look at the children they are getting fat, if they put so much lead in the toys that the weight of the toys will bulk up the little muscles of the children we would have an army of arnold kids.

    Die from heart attack or from heavy metal poisoning and besides only the weaker ones would go thus leaving the ones resistant to heavy metals :).

    Seriously this is meaningless unless you own a toy company or you collect playskool toys.

    Im curious if this will affect donation org like toys for tots and such.

  7. Been married 10 years, never had any problems or complaints (well, about that anyway other than "you want what?! what time is it?! You expect me to do what after I had to do all those dishes?! You never cook me dinner anymore! Where's my backrub! You just want to get laid, you don't love me! The kids might wake up! Where's my new laptop, huh?!") Wait a minute...maybe this guys got a good idea. F**k this, gimmie the goddamned robot!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, I meant who cares if a ROBOT has an orgasm.

    Seriously though, gimmie the f**king robot, I'm sooooooooooo not playing.

    Long as you get yours right eh.

    Proly in the long run, having a fembot is cheaper too. You don't have to buy her jewerly everytime you screw up or take her out to a fancy dinner, she wont go to the mall and buy tons of shoes, dresses, purses, ect...

    Now if theres a mpc one with glowing head...

  8. The 360's layout works a lot better than the Playstations, as far as I'm concerned. Thumb sticks that don't bump into each other, and overall better ergonomics (which you get from not recycling the same design for 14 years). But the 360's d-pad sucks, so if you're going to be playing 2D games it wouldn't be very good. For 2D games, you'd want to go with a USB Saturn pad.

    I wont be doing much 2d games for awhile. I might have to try the 360 pad for awhile ;I got gta4 for the pc almost a week ago and it really seams it needs a good game pad to play it descently, the keyboard+mouse takes some arm movements to operate the cell phone while doing your thing.

  9. Anyone know a good gamepad thats simular to the ps3 controllers? I know you can use them with the 3rd party semi working driver/hack, but I would like one thats doesn't require much user intervention to make it work ie plug and play. :) im thinking about the xbox 360 controller but I just don't know about the placement of the stick and the d-pad locations compared to the usual pads.

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