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  1. Sat down to watch my Limited Edition set the other night. Was only going to skip to my favorite parts but ended up watching the whole movie. Previous posters are correct: Some scenes are so crystal clear they are an absolute joy to watch, but there are frequent scenes where parts are out of focus or strangely grainy - not unlike the process they used in the Zeta Gundam New Translation movies. The transfer/re-master process really is somewhat disappointing in that regard. Overall, it's almost as if the last HD Remaster DVD has a more even quality... And as for the blurring out of the decapitation scene, it really is something of a jarring cut, felt strangely out of place. The opening text scroll in the new edition is also pointless. Instead of the minute long silence before Bretai starts talking, there is a short text scroll to bring the viewer up to speed on what happened before the movie started - and it basically said the Earth has already been decimated when the Macross made the fold to escape. So much for the surprise of finding the Prometheus. As for the film strip, I STILL can't tell what scene it's from after looking at it many times : ( You would think I have the whole movie committed to memory by now (First watched this in its original theater run in 84!). Lots of posts from the last few months on people's experiences on pre-ordering this. When I tried to pre-order the Limited Edition was sold out everywhere (CDJapan, Ami-ami, etc) and the only place that has them was Amazon.jp, and they wouldn't ship this overseas. I ended up trying Tenso.com which is a service that can act as your Japan address for orders and then they forward it to you. Arrived in the US around 3 days after Amazon shipped it in Japan, pretty painless experience.
  2. 「シェリル~キス・イン・ザ・ギャラクシー~」 (Sheryl~ Kiss in the Galaxy) Manga Vol. 2 out 1/13 special promotional posters. Looks like it's included in the book itself? Shojo Manga! Source: http://natalie.mu/comic/news/43293
  3. Ivan, I'm almost certain they used 明菜 in the original theater release. It was almost inevitable at that time for them to do that to appeal to a general audience. Chances are the rights to that lapsed and they had to re-dub it for the DVD release which came years later. I actually have a copy of that DVD, but never even opened it!
  4. I saw the Cantonese DYRL in the theater. I remember the audience audibly cringing (myself included) when they changed Minmay's name to "Akina" or "明菜" (after the singer Akina Nakamori) in Chinese.
  5. Still not sure where the "False Diva" translation came from - "虚空" translates as "Empty Space" or "Void" - It simply has NO implications of "False", "Falsehood" or "Fabricated." - Jonias
  6. Wow, has it been 25 years since I saw this in a theater in Tokyo? The Gundam franchise gets a 1/1 RX-78 for its 30th anniversary. I'd say let's campaign for a 1/1 VF-1 for Macross! It'll be a lot cheaper to build!
  7. The main attraction since issue one has been "Gundam: The Origin" - a re-telling of MSG by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. Mikimoto has a long running series Mobile Suit Gundam: Ecole du Ciel that starts out at a military school for training future MS pilots and shifts to the Titans-AEUG conflict in later chapters. That series has gone on a months-long hiatus, although it should be drawing to a close. Mikimoto has stated on his website he's fine health-wise, but since this is his longest running work by far, he seems to be kind of burnt out on it, citing his "low capacity". I wonder if he has the heart to do another long series in Macross Ace. I personally think his Macross 7: Trash series was somewhat inconsequential... He was slated to be character design for Appleseed : Genesis but that project was cancelled. Hopefully he'll get involved in another anime project - maybe even a Macross project.
  8. Thanks in advance Xeros. I also had the same problem with your M7 disc 1 patch. It seems the patch is very picky as to the CRC check. Thanks~
  9. Hi: I got the iso from Xeros' link, then used img burn to create the iso. The size is 7.469.531.136 bytes as indicated by the readme. However, when I try to apply the patch, it refuses to do so (wrong crc). I've tried creating the iso from the Video_TS folder, a root folder creating the video_ts folder, and even the individual files themselves - all no joy. Also tried ignoring the layer break, no go. Used ISO9660 + UDF as recommended by the program. What exactly needs to be done with creating the iso in imgburn? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  10. I was a huge Gundam fan (original series) back in the early 80s. I just came to the US for high school in the Boston area, and Anime was HARD to come by. The big shows back then was Gundam, then the Ideon movies, then I think Godmars. I remember reading a new show being announced, and the line art really caught my eye. No, it wasn't necessarily the Valkyries (cause I didn't know how cool they would look animated), but MINMAY. Mikimoto's line art of her in the Chinese dress looked so cute! It was really refreshing to see a character of Chinese descent (I'm Chinese myself), I don't believe there were any major characters that were Chinese in any anime before Minmay. Somehow I got hold of a copy of the soundtrack cassette, I must've worn that tape out and drove my roommate nuts with repeated listens of "Kyun Kyun". It would actually be a couple more years before I saw any video of the series! In 1984 I saw DYRL in a theater in Tokyo. What I remember most was the shower scene ... some otaku ran up to the screen and took a picture, then promptly ran out of the theater! This was the bad old days before you can even be certain the movie is going to come out on video tape (yes, the days before the Internets, and DVD). That's SCREEN capture for you! (I think the idiot used his flash, which meant he got a picture of the blank screen canvas, lol) So yes, I'm not ashamed to say that I am Richard Birla!
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