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  1. Hi all, I'm investigating the possibility of producing some 1/60 scale decal sheets for the Minmay Guard and basing them on the decals from the Hasegawa kit. I need some dimensions though...does anyone have one they could pull some measurements from? If so, lemme know and I'll fill you in on what I need measured...should only take 30 seconds or so.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking into getting Minmay Guard decals printed at 1/60 scale for the upcoming Plain White Yamato Valk release. I'm a graphic artist so prepping these high rez graphics wont be difficult for mew and there are places where I can get them professionally printed on waterslide decal sheet. I'm even looking into doing a bulk order to reduce cost and get some extras for any forum members who may want them. What I need to do to proceed, however, is get some exact measurements from the decal sheet. Does anyone have an actual decal sheet from the 1/72 Hasegawa model kit available that they could pull measurements from for me? If so, lemme know and I'll tell you what I need in more specific terms.
  3. So, is it confirmed that this is a kit? Or do they also come pre-assembled? Anyone aware of 1/60 Minmay Guard decals? That's what I want to do one up as!
  4. Didnt know about that site! I've been to the store in Tokyo but wasnt aware they did online sales. So, they will ship to the US if you order from that site?
  5. It's a prize fig so I wasn't expecting it on the usual sites (tho that didnt stop me from checking ) but someones got to be selling it. I see one on eBay right now buts its ridiculously expensive.
  6. I've been waiting forever for this fig! Where can I get one? eBay? None of my usual haunts have it.
  7. dammit! I already invested in a Super Alto and an Ozma! Well, at least they'll be better than the V1s....right? Better proportions, non-floppy necks and head cannons... Oh, and I second (or third) the vote for a VF-171EX.
  8. Haha, touche. Like I said, it was the Yamato connection I didn't get. Graham, how did the Yamato connection come about?
  9. Ah, I knew he ran the site but the part about Yamato is new to me. Very cool! Thanks Graham, for MacrossWorld! In that case, Graham, can we start a petition to get a reish of the Elint?
  10. I've got a kind of odd question and I hope no one takes any offense...who is Graham? His name comes up a lot and I believe he is a member as well...
  11. Saw this a while back....months ago actually...but have yet to see it pop up on any retail sites or eBay. Anyone know where to get one?
  12. Cool, thanks! So what do we have to do to get a V2 VE-1 rerelease? Should I write my Congressman?
  13. Is this the V.1? I dont know much about V1s - dont you have to take them apart or something to transform them? How can you tell the V2s apart from the V1s? No window box?
  14. Been looking for one for a while...they pop up here for sale occasionally but they seem to fetch a pretty hefty price. Were they limited when they came out? Will it be released again? Fuel my WANT by posting some cool Elint pics!
  15. So is this VF-X any different fro mthe magazine exclusive that came out a while back? I got one thru Tokyo Hunter and while I dont care about any difference in price, I'm bummed the exclusivity of it is now kinda gone. Or is this jsut a sell off of any remaining stock?
  16. dreadpyrat

    DX VF-171?

    Me three, the 17 does little for me while the 171 looks like an elegant evolution of the VF-25.
  17. dreadpyrat

    DX VF-171?

    The VF-171 was featured pretty prominently towards the very end of MacFrontier. Will we ever see a DX toy for it? I imagine whoever were to make it (Bandai?) could milk the mold for some obvious variants like the RVF, the EX, Super EX and the one with the huge fin where the gunpod would normally go (dont know what that variant was called.)
  18. dreadpyrat

    SCOOP thread!

    Found this on a Chinese toy blog: February 26 for sale: Model 1 / 100 Macross F Movie YF-29 Saotome machine 1,200 Yen February 26 for sale: Model 1 / 100 YF-29 Ranka Ver. 1,500 Yen February 26 for sale: Model 1 / 100 YF-29 Shery Ver. 1,500 Yen
  19. Those are some great suggestions guys, thanks! You know, I jsut watched the episode last night where Minmay won the Miss Macross contest (Ep 10 I think) and I'm surprised they did do more with the swimsuit figure that just came out....now crown or cape or trophy?
  20. I'm rewatching the original SDF Macross right now and forgot how adorable Minmay is as a character! I love the actress's voice who does her. I dont know how they did it...the managed to make her adorable and somehow a bit sexy at the same time. I'm thinking a figure of her would look good amongst all my valks... I see a bunch on eBay but I figured I'd ask the gang: which Minmay figure do you think is the best? I'm looking for something that captures the "cuteness" of her face and personality.Any recommendations are appreciated!
  21. Decisions decisions... Any advice on which one to get? http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00170 http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00168 http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00169 http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00188
  22. Blue, how bad is the quality overall? Say on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being blu-ray HD quality?
  23. Thanks guys, good to know. It seemed to good to be true...
  24. Hey all, found some Malaysian version of Macross Frontier on DVD. They all say they are not bootlegs and are certified by the government. All come with English subs and are Region 0. Does anyone have any experience with this version? How is the quality of the pic and audio?
  25. Wow, your weathering work is incredible! Any chance of getting a quick tutorial on how to do it? I'm guessing Gundam pens for the panel lines? How do you do the weathering around the panels? Also, what matte spray do you prefer?
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