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  1. Lowering the price in the hopes I dont have to bother with eBay. $90 shipped in the ConUS!!
  2. Aight, let's lower the price on this badboy before it goes off to eBay. $95 shipped in the ConUS. How about that?!
  3. It aint Macross but its pretty bad ass! Super articulated, and stands about 9" tall. Way better than the Revoltech figures of this guy that are out now. Volks Muv Luv Total Eclipse Su-37UB Terminator I bought this in Akihabara a couple of years ago. Moving, so I need to make some room. eBay lists these for upwards of $300 to $400 which is pretty ridiculous. $110 shipped in the continental US takes it.
  4. Hey all, selling my Olive Drab Yamato Destroid Tomahawk Weathering Special. Toy has been removed form the box, displayed in a glass case, and put back in the box. Toy is minty minty mint. Box is C9, nearly perfect. $100 includes shipping in the Continental US.
  5. Hey all, Moving soon so a bunch of my toys have got to go. Up for grabs are Bandai's Alto Super and Ozma Valkyries. Alto VF-25F With Super Parts $110 shipped in the ConUS Ozma's VF-25S $90 shipped in the ConUS Both are in excellent condition; toys are perfect but each box has a bit of shelf wear, as you can see. Each has been transformed once then back to valk and back in the box. Decals for the Ozma have not been applied. The Alto (which I got from someone on this forum) did not come with the sticker sheet or the instructions, unfortunately. Two Skull Squadron decals have been applied to the wings. Please write with any questions!
  6. Hey all, I'm moving and need to unload some stuff. Up for grabs is this minty mint Angel Bird that I scored from another member here. I opened it, transformed it once, then put it back. Stickers have never been touched, nor have the missile pods, etc. $110 in the Continental US takes it!
  7. I'll take the classics Jazz! Lemme know where to send funds. Thanks!
  8. Ah yes, buried in a scoopda thread! Well, it probably merits its own thread, amiright?
  9. I dont know where else to put this so I'll just drop it here. Mods, feel free to relocate.. Found some news about the 30th Anniversary Event, including a 1/1 Messiah!! "The Macross 30th anniversary projects website announced on Friday that a 1/1-scale model of a VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie variable fighter (in the intermediate GERWALK mode) will appear at the 30th Anniversary Macross Super Dimension Exhibition ~Valkyrie de Sasotte!~ event from April 28 to May 6. The website also announced that a real-life Miss Macross 30″ contest, a stage musical with new material, and a museum display of the franchises designs are being planned. The 30th Anniversary exhibition will take place at the Sunshine City complex in Tokyos Ikebukuro district from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series the first anime in the Macross franchise premiered in 1982, and this year marks the mecha franchises 30th anniversary. The exhibition will also feature a recreation of the concert scenes of the Macross Frontier characters Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee, as well as a legendary songstress. Cosplay will be allowed at the exhibition, but there will be a 500-yen (about US$6) fee to use a provided changing room. A variety of commemorative goods will also be available for purchase at the event. Regular advance tickets will go on sale on March 17 and cost 1,000 yen (about US$12), while admission will cost 1,300 yen (US$16) at the door. A commemorative towel will be bundled with advance and at-the-door tickets sold for 2,000 yen (US$24) and 2,300 yen (US$28), respectively. All attendees will also receive a commemorative neck strap. The separate Macross 30th Anniversary Exhibition Macross: The Design exhibit will feature Macross art from Minmay to Sheryl and Ranka from April 26 to May 13 at the Shibuya Parco art gallery in Tokyo. More information on the planned Macross stage musical and the Miss Macross 30″ contest will be available on the website next Friday.
  10. Sooo....nothing huh? I'm coming up with zilch on Bittorrent, rapidshare, etc. Any help is very much appreciated!!
  11. Any word if the Alto will be available again? The eBay option is ridiculously expensive...
  12. I'm interested in your Elint if you decide to unload it! PMing you...
  13. Man, I hope they do it in the CF color scheme like this: And offer it with the Elintseeker radome and "sail"...
  14. Holy moly WM! That is AMAZING work. Just breath taking. Say, where do you get those decal sheets with the random metal panels on it? I did a search for Aztek and Aztec decals but couldnt find anything. Thanks!
  15. Bah, didnt see that one...I never go in that subforum. Thanks!
  16. This is pretty darn impressive if you guys haven't seen it: http://www.toyark.com/news/lego-toy-news-12/lego-cuusoo-macross-vf1j-valkyrie-hikaru-video-5525/ Basically Lego has this deal where you can propose Lego kits and if it reaches 10000 votes, they will consider manufacturing it for sale. So vote this baby up!
  17. I'm surprised its not up on Hobby Search or AmiAmi yet either...No doubt one of them will have it cheaper than iShop2Go.
  18. Where on earth can I find this? No one and I mean NO one has it for sale in the intertubes! Unless I want to pay $150 on Amazon. I dont even need the DVD, I jsut want to watch the last 4 episodes....any tips, gang?
  19. dreadpyrat

    SCOOP thread!

    So is the Cav going to be a shop exclusive or a mainline release? Any idea on release date?
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