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  1. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I want my wife to watch it with me so I gotta get it in English. She's a cool geek but not cool enough for subtitles. that link you gave me, Jason, is awesome. Those prices are fantastic. Thanks!
  2. Ok, this probably reeks of n00b but I dug around and didn't find an answer. I'm looking for a DVD set of SDF Macross but it seems like you cant buy it new in stores. (Yes, I'm new to all of this. OK, so IO turn to eBay...so many choices! I'd like to find Macross, NOT Robotech, with English dubbing. Whats my best bet? Thanks!
  3. Thanks Jason! That'd be awesome if there was a way to make our own. What I really want to do is a Minmay Guard, like this one (apologies if this belongs to someone on the forum. Hope its OK to post it.) I'ev got hi-rez scans of the decal sheets that came with the Hasegawa 1/72 scale MmG that I could reqwork (I'm a graphic artist) to the correct scale. I just don't know the first thing about printing them.
  4. If this is a n00b question, forvive me. I ran a search on the forum and couldn't find an answer so here goes: does anyone make 1/60 scale decal or sticker sheets for Valkyries? I'm considering getting an unpainted VF-1S and doing it up but I'd like to find some markings for it first. Any advice is appreciated! Rob
  5. Slightly off topic but do you guys think they will reish the VF-0A as well? Or did I already miss that boat?
  6. Does anyone have a bigger version of that Fury Belle graphic? I think it's make a great wallpaper image!
  7. Hm, maybe a Bandai version then? I'd be happy with either to tell you the truth.
  8. New Question: any chance of Yamato making a 1/60th VF-171 Nightmare Plus from Frontier? With NUNS color scheme?
  9. Some random questions about valkyries: 1. Does the Super ostrich ever appear in Battroid? In DYRL you see it in Gerwalk but that's it. 2. Come to think of it, any particular reason its called the "Super Ostrich?" 3. Does the Elintseeker ever appear in Battroid or Gerwalk? 4. In DYRL you see a valk in Armor Parts... the blue, white and red scheme. Do the Urban Camo or Woodland schemes appear ever or is this considered non-canon? 5. Are there 1/60 decal/sticker sheets for the Minmay Guard scheme available anywhere?
  10. Seto, yeah it can be super complicated; thanks again for breaking it down. MF will likely make more sense now if I look at it that way. PS- I've been making judicious and liberal use of the search button since my first (and hopefully last) noob move.
  11. Man, some of you guys are brutal with the newbie stuff! You can search and read this forum for days and not find the tidbit that you are curious about. It always cracks me up how quickly people get slammed for asking a legit question. I understand that Zentran in the non DYRL cannon means both male and female. However, its my understanding (from reading this and another forum and wikipedia) that MF mixes both DYRL and SDF cannon together. So, was jsut curious where that line came from. Thanks Seto for the great answer!
  12. Hey all, was re watching MF the other day and in ep 1 or 2 (I forget) when Alto saves Ranka and brings her up to hill side, she introduces herself and says she's "1/4 Zentran." I'm no expert but aren't the Zentran the males and the Meltran the females?
  13. dreadpyrat

    Thunder Hammer

    Thanks guys! Sick as hell indeed! Man, its insanely awesome looking.
  14. dreadpyrat

    Thunder Hammer

    Hey all, I've tried to avoid a n00b mistake by askign about the TH valk....I've searched the forum and searched google. Howeever, I cant find any info on the Thunder Hammer. So, could someone please explain what IS the Thunder Hammer? What show does it appear in? What role does it serve?
  15. Thanks, I'll see if I can find em.
  16. So, any word if they'll be releasing decal kits or anything to help out customizers with the Plain white Valk that is coming out? Or are we on our own to mod them? I mean, I've got some markers and some cool ideas like dragons and boobs and boobs and stuff, but what I really want is a Minmay Guard. Are they expecting that fans will manufacture their own decal sheets and distribute them amongst the community?
  17. dreadpyrat

    Frontier Ozma

    Ok, got the Ozma Frontier fig and spent a while playing with his transformation. The illustrations in the book are a little hard to follow so maybe I'm doing something wrong but...is he supposed to be this flimsy? I mean, the shoulders kind of just lay there with 3 or 4 hinges making up the shoulder. They aren't actually connected to anything,as near as I can tell. The connector that holds the fuselage together to form the abdomen is not that tight and I cant for the life of me get his head/neck ring thingie to do what it suggests in the manual. Oh, and am I the only one who thinks that having the rear deck/wing assembly just lay over the cockpit canopy is bad design? Nothing is actually holding it in place but gravity and it rubs on the canopy glass! I don't mean to stir anything up; I'm just wondering if I've transformed him incorrectly or if anyone else is noticing what I'm seeing. Thanks all!
  18. So, what are the odds this thang will some with a display stand?
  19. Ok, I did it! Preorder is in! Sprung for EMS shipping with HLJ....that way it'll get to me faster and my wallet will be thinner!
  20. Hey guys, I'm coming to this party kinda late (I'm a n00b) but I already know I GOTS to order me one of these! Where on earth can I still pre-order it?
  21. OMG, THAT is the one! That is the one I've always wanted! Thanks fifbeat! My quest is over! Ok, seriously though. I'm back to wanting a 1/60 VF-1S again...does anyone know if it has poseable hands like the 1/48? Also, do you have to detach the legs to transform it? Someone was mention that about the 1/48s if I'm not mistaken. Another couple of random questions: 1. Where can I find Super parts -not strike parts? (HLJ lists a Super parts set but it looks like its actually a strike set.) 2. Where do you guys get those cool clear 3 pronged support stands?
  22. Gene, you are so right. Infact, once I saw that weathering special, I knew it was the one for me. And then I saw the price. Holy crap! Guess I'm back to square one on which valk to get.
  23. Well guys, you've given me a LOT to think about and again, I appreciate all the great feedback! So now I'm leaning towards the VF-0S Yamato 1/60 with Ghost booster. Truth be told, I prefer the look of the 0A in grey (I like the head design better) but if those shoulder joint issues are as bad as you say, then it doesn't make much sense to spend that much on a toy that will break. Saw this on HLJ...too bad it s a plastic kit. If it was actual armor for the 1/60 Yamato, I'd be 100% sold! http://www.hlj.com/product/HSG21
  24. Wow guys, more great info! Im really digging on some of these newer valk designs, the more I dig around. I went thruthe entire gallery as suggested and saw some valks I really like and alos thought up a couple of questions. This one, I think is a must have, the Yamato 1/60 VF-0A/ I really dig how clean the lines are and how it is bristling with armament. Now, what is this? And this?! Sorry, I swiped those pics from the gallery, hope that was ok...
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