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  1. Yeah genuine shock about the additional Macross 7 reveal today after all the other news yesterday. Wonder if the license was literally hammered out over the weekend
  2. Bummed that the smaller local theatre that had M+ won’t have be showing the Frontier movies, but it just means I have to go to the bigger AMC five minutes down the road instead. A reasonable sacrifice I’m actually in the middle of a biweekly Macross franchise rewatch with my siblings. We’re in the middle of Frontier right now so I had to throw in an off-schedule extra day so we could finish the series proper before movie the fathom events.
  3. I’m hoping that the theatre availability expands since right now the single option for me is 32 miles aways, versus last time when there was multiple DC area screening.
  4. Glad to get the context and can understand the drastic move. Getting the password reset email unprompted was a bit alarming initially.
  5. A new run of renewal vf-25 with the recent improvements tweaks seen on the recent yf-29 full set would also be welcome. Let’s push that Frontier love
  6. Completed the survey as well. Definitely made a point to mention the yf-21 where they mentioned other Macross products we’d want
  7. This is finally the impetus for me to contact Luna Park directly because mine is still in limbo
  8. I still need to message them myself, at this rate I feel like mine is going to be the last one out of the warehouse
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