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  1. What does this mean for the general population?
  2. As it stands now are Eden, Cristrania, Neo York, Susia, Bellphan,Dahan, Avemaria, The Varja Homeworld, Uroboros, Sephira, Zola and in the BrĂ­singr cluster theres Ragna, Voldor, Pipre, Al Salahal the only known colony worlds or are there more?
  3. Dunno if this fits Macross TV or SCI Fi general but, I was wondering how would hyperspace drives effect travel in Macross? If you were in an area where theres a few fold faults could you by pass this with a hyperdrive?
  4. If Brilla didn't do what he did would we still have the story of frontier then? If Brilla just said well I just wanna fund SMS and not dictate what happens in the frontier government then what would the synopsis of Frontier be?
  5. Spoiler from 4chan.... So if this information is true, I can kinda see why Cromwell wants revenge on lady M. But its sorta like Frontier when Grace wanted to people to be borged and use the varja network. In my mind cybernetics, like prostetic arms are fine but full cyborg prostetics linked up to a hive mind is a bit sketchy. But couldn't they just negotiate some sort of deal with lady M to ease up on tech? Rather than just destroy it.
  6. Wasn't Gigasion one of the Xaos ships lost in the first movie?
  7. What's that weird exo-sekeleton thing? đŸ˜®
  8. I wonder if the purple beam of energy plus that ball that surrounds it is a way to circumvent fold faults...or is that a new way of folding? Seems the bird person/idol does initiates the fold maybe? Or maybe thats just a gesture while she's singing
  9. Mr March has explained that he's trying to compile as much art from delta as he can as well as touch up stuff for the update.
  10. Or possibly help with that energy shielding that we saw. A fully shielded valk is interesting to me.
  11. Looks like the wings surround the carrier deck...
  12. That bares the question, What happens when a NUNS unit goes rogue? Does earth send a response fleet to take it out?
  13. Saw this scan on Macross Central Facebook page. Looks like a new macross crossed with a bird human and speaker pods. Are the feathers ships? I THINK I can make out either the aether class ship but I dunno could be the big bad from Epsilon.
  14. If so then Milia's the one that founded Xaos?
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