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  1. Yknow I had feeling that was partily the reason for the acquisition of Nozomi/Rightstuf. You could get the rest of Nozomi's catalog on Crunchyroll as well as the rest of Macross sequels on the Crunchyroll streaming platform....(as of now Frontier and Delta aren't on it)
  2. Okay so....I know fold carbon is used to make fold drives and the engines for variable fighters but what do the ships run on? I know the variable fighters run on a cryogenic slurry of hydrogen gas.
  3. I'd be worried that that might frakk up the universe locally and might make it impossible for commerical vessels to bring goods to the colonies...and vice versa?
  4. Would submarines even be effective on a colony world in Macross?
  5. I'm shook that they actually released Macross 7 too.....since everyone was saying it was gonna be mired by music rights issues.
  6. kind of a big get for Animego for Macross II.....never heard of Anime LTD but its a very big get for Nozomi to get Frontier and Delta. I wonder why the different companies though?
  7. Here's a question, if the Marduk from M II lovers again were worked into Big West's timeline...how would a colony world or Earth fair? I'm aware that they have emulators which would make the effects of the Minmay attack be moot.....also this was kind of replicated with Sheryl vs Ranka in the last two episodes of Frontier when Ranka's song over road hers.
  8. I noticed someone mentioned the Z series battlpods from the books and theres this from the Robotech: Expeditionary Force Marines Sourcebook One. I don't mind the hands but I wouldn't mind cannons at the ends of the arms. Also Walton borrowed the shoulders from the VFA-6. Kinda wish those shoulders would contain the micro missile launcers from the Alpha. >.>
  9. Dunno if I should ask this but...how would the invid fair against 2040s Macross era tech...and I guess I should ask how would a defense fleet fair against the smaller machines. Would smaller units be needed to fight the invid?
  10. So in short go see the movies if you want the home video released in the states?
  11. Just got back and I was grinning from ear to ear. Of courrse I knew some of the spots like Sheryl singing at the end due to seeing that scene on Youtube, but it was still fun nevertheless. The theater I was at had more than a dozen people in attendance. Not a full theater but
  12. So as I understand it or what has been mentioned that after Megaroad 13 settled in the Varauta system...they purposely designed different ships, right? Or am I misreading things? From what I surmised once when the Varatura forces were taken over by the Protodevlin they created ships sorta similar to the supervision army ones....or I might be misinterpreting things here? If this the design change was a deliberate decision by the Colony brass...then thats the first time a garrison fleet went with different designs...?
  13. While I do like the ship designs of DYRL and some of the equipment, I can't really say I like Breetai's or Exadols designs. I dunno there was something charming,or comic reliefy, about Exadol's TV designs than his giant brain head from DYRL. Can't say I like Moruk's DYRL design either. But thats my opinion.
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