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  1. Uh not quite true... Interestingly, a plot hole I just realised.
  2. Some spoilerish stuff/ speculation. For real this time. Don't click if you are particular about these things. Too short. It does have a good plot twist, but it's mainly just setting up for ME3. It's ok value for money, but not great. Nowhere near SB good.
  3. SB brings a lot of resources to bear. Arrival... not so. It does bring at least 2 more tech, but in areas which aren't exactly hot properties. Certain classes, notably Vanguard, would probably want those, but the rest.. not so much. In terms of minerals, it's a mix bag but you generally do better mining stuff anyway. Money does seem a bit plentiful, but not overwhelmingly so. As an infiltrator player though, I think it's quite fun. Might not be that replayable, but good while it lasts. And I always have fun popping humanoids, so.... EDIT: Oh and one other thing? In terms of renegade/ paragon effect, this one's fairly minor. Overlord had a complication in that it made a full renegade/ paragon run slightly easier, but Arrival doesn't do that.
  4. I've finished Arrival. No spoilers, just a couple of things to note about the DLC.... but spoiler tags anyway. I'll do a second run with my Infiltrator to get the missed achievements, and I think I missed one of the research. Here's a tip -- you need not bring the whole arsenal on this one....
  5. Overlord IIRC had some non-specific dialog. A few lines, not many. Shadow Broker, can't recall any offhand. Not really bothered by the solo aspect. Then again, my fav class is sniper, so having no teammates doesn't hurt that much, or Dominate Engineer, who doesn't lack for companionship....
  6. Just read the Joystiq article. Frankly, I'm not worried -- I had more problems running as a team than solo'ing. Sounds like this DLC is good for support and sneakers, less for stormtroopers... but we'll see.
  7. Eh, sorry about that, I read the title and it said -06F, but that's actually wrong -- the model is clearly an -06J, without the verniers on the legs and the backpack being different. So the armaments are correct.
  8. Odd. That's an F version Zaku, so why are they packaging J version rocket packs with it? Ah well... parts.
  9. Proportions are a bit more SD than usual. Not that it's especially noticeable, but take a look at the arms/ pincers.
  10. Yeah. This morning, I listened to the web chat Bioware did. They did mention some stuff for the DLC.
  11. Nah. She just look too happy. Not the "I'll be happy to beat your face into the concrete" King-Kong Kusanagi happy. Doesn't have that hint of violence under the smiling eyes. EDIT: Hmm. Just need the eyes to tighten a bit, and the mouth to turn down a bit. I wonder how that navel manages to suck the cloth in though. IIRC, the hostler is a bit too high, IIRC it is more towards the belt level?
  12. Not quite Ms. King Kong though.. it's off somehow. But still a gorgeous fig.
  13. I know it says 50rd on the diagram, but I'm a little skeptical about cramming 50 darts into something that size....
  14. Here's an interesting find: http://sgnerf.blogspot.com/2010/12/nerf-stampede-ecs-50-dual-drum-mag.html Note that this is not confirmed and might be just conceptual. Ah nevermind, it's conceptual only. I'm not so sure about this. Historically, real-life dual drum mag didn't seem to work right -- the physics involved are just too prone to failure. Practically, the size of those drums, I'm guess it's a 25rd clip, so it's not that much of an improvement over the 18rd drum (which is nice and compact). At least they might make it flat so that it can stand in for a bipod on the Stampede...
  15. Thanks, appreciate you linking. Spring loaded, so no air-works. Might not be tactically useful (complicates logistics), but yeah, a certain cool factor about it. EDIT: Actually, an interesting adaptation would be to get it shoulder/ back mounted, and use your body as a baseplate. One-shot isn't going to be a big factor in such a case. Accuracy is for nuts, but sheer surprise value should be interesting. Additional work might be to mod a carrier for normal Nerf darts -- get the canister up high, release the darts, and let gravity take over; area saturation attack.
  16. Can't watch the video at work but man, that's a big cat... I'll watch the video at home, but mortar-like effect, you can achieve with Longstrike or almost any gun. Can crank quickly through a six-rd mag with a Longstrike set as a knee mortar and get them into a 5'x5' target zone at about 10 yards or slightly more. (This isn't spectacular, but remember that a default Longstrike in direct fire is already losing accuracy/ drooping at this range...) Slamfire designs should be able to do this even faster, but the ergonomics make it a lot less friendly to set up. Real issue is the default Nerf darts are too light, easily dispersed by wind. And you'll also need either open space or a high ceiling -- I couldn't test more than 10 yards on the Longstrike as the arc was slamming rounds into the ceiling... There is a third-party product in the market that's more of a grenade, but it requires a nose-cone impact to trigger. In that sense it's like a mortar, only restricted to how far you can throw (it's foam-covered so relatively safe) and a bit more flexible than a mortar. It's not very good -- detonation reliability is a bit suspect -- but it's another dimension to the game.
  17. My local id'ed it as a Mig 23. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp_world/view/1117530/1/.html
  18. Mass Effect's FB page has a set of gallery that states that the DLC (Arrival) will be out 29 March. Some screenshots are put up.
  19. If you suspect so, then run a Google search on the game and the link. You might turn up something. DH: thanks for the links -- I really should schedule in a deep dig for my system.
  20. For (1), it depends on the complexity of the old password. A simple password can be guessed/ brute-forced, but that also requires very simplistic security on the provider's part. There is also a possibility that it isn't related to your account at all, just someone overriding their email headers to use your email instead. Trivial to do, but that two of your contacts have received a spam email from you is of concern. If possible, it might be good to get the email from your friends, and run a search on the contents -- if it is a virus/ trojan, it should be reported by now and in the media somewhere. For (2), a possibility. It depends on how well you keep AVG updated, after all. And AV isn't infallible, no matter the make -- there has been cases where the virus targets the AV....
  21. They gave a yellow stock to a frickin' Barricade? Sheesh, should have done that for a Alpha Trooper.
  22. Heh. I have yet to pick up my Signature Edition -- tonight. But even then, I won't be installing so early.. still need to finish DAO, long way to go. Got the demo codes from EA a few days ago. Need to log into Bioware to update my registered codes though.
  23. I'm not sure whether it's strictly a Mage issue per se. I'm currently playing an archer in DA:O, and when you get 2 or 3 archers with a meat shield who can tank it does get quite straightforward. I think what the Mage does is to project a LOT of damage over range, such that just one or two mage in the party is already sufficient. In my archer run in the DA2 demo, the final boss fight was entertaining - Firestorm going off, Fireballs going off, Explosive arrows... lots of boom. It was quite amusing to start the fight with all the range explosives going off like 10 feet in front of you and killing all the starting mooks except for the boss and an assassin. The ability to project damage over range looks to be the important deal in DAO/2, it's just that the mage does it best with damage and also other effects (knockdown/ freeze, in the demo).
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