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  1. Damn, I got my races mixed up. I was thinking Mutated Hanar....
  2. In case you guys missed this: Remember, Batarian, not Krogan.
  3. I'd agree about the Turians, as they seemed underdeveloped in game; I hadn't read the comics though. But I think both races are deliberately tuned to be human-like as they both have potential love interests and it's difficult to get a player to like a very unhuman character. I mean, a Hanna...? A part of Halo multiplayer is, in the Forge map. But that's mainly to build fiendish maps to kill people with... Not that there is much wrong with that. Forge is a huge map, much bigger than what you expect normally, so it is quite interesting... But it acts as a static backdrop, not as an atmospheric addition. In the campaign itself, the game world is relatively large and you can explore around... But it generally is still confined to an operational area and it's usually unwise to wander away too much. Covenant forces are around after all, they have better tech and generally have you massively outnumber and outgunned. Not to mention that I usually have an ammo problem (not spray and pray but just not a good shot in that game) so I'm not really encouraged to go wandering around the maps. I think the big difference in immersion between Halo and ME is that ME forces you to go to alien worlds and work with alien teammates, so you inevitably pick up on the culture and style and can see and compare.. while shooting big holes in said aliens. Halo however is a very human-centric story, and the aliens act more as target boards than story. This is especially true in Reach, where the storyline isn't meant to explore the Covenant background.
  4. Here comes the PS3 ME Comic A bit mixed reaction. I don't intend to get ME until the ME3 big box (you know that's coming), so I probably will pick this up... but most of my ME2 builds are done and I'm not keen to redo my Paragon Sniper from this. Hmm. Paragon Sniper, Renegade Adept, Dominate Engineer (in progress). I suppose I can do one for Soldier, Vanguard or Sentinel. I can see why for Soldier and Vanguard, anyone has any reason why I should do a Sentinel?
  5. ME for me too. Universe can be seen to be multi-dimensional, though not all places have been filled in. I play Halo (Reach specifically). Feel the universe has not been fully explored and as such a bit lacking. I suppose is due to the linear nature of the gameplay.
  6. IIRC, Kaiden is confirmed in; that means Ashley has to be. But not sure about the True Love portion.. probably, it's too easy a mark for Bioware to miss. The smaller number of characters I do welcome. It was a bit crowded on Normandy II and most of the time I ignore a lot of them anyway. The rest I can live with really. It depends on how good or bad. I'm not a big fan of big worlds only because that means we get silly hovertanks again. :/
  7. http://kotaku.com/5800972/five-new-mass-effect-3-details-you-might-want-to-hear
  8. Well, technically Jacob did murder a lot of Eclipse and Blue Suns... xD I'll really hate it if I saved the base, and then Cerberus turn around and use that tech against me. Ow.
  9. Actually just shootin' the breeze... but how many bets on the Normandy-II buying it in ME3? I'm almost certain Shepard's due for a mid-game upgrade in ship...
  10. Want your own Normandy-II? https://www.facebook.com/note.php?created&&note_id=10150180894876601#!/photo.php?fbid=10150170919366645&set=a.205444541644.131114.85811091644&type=1&comments
  11. https://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&&note_id=10150180010521601#!/media/set/?set=a.10150170133576645.300911.85811091644 Ok, back to sleep...
  12. Seems like a bad week for Elintseekers... Finally broke open my Elintseeker, and promptly scratched the internal coating on the canopy. Seems like a lot of questions on how to remove that, but not many reply. So here's my technique: You'll need 4, maybe 5 things. 1. Thinner, preferably arcyllic paint thinner. I used Vallejo thinner. 2. Tissue. (obvious reason) 3. Brush. Something smallish but not too small. 4. Water. 5. (maybe) Brush cleaner. I used Vallejo Brush cleaner. The coating seems to react well to thinner, but you have to be careful not to use thinner that is too strong -- some plastic will react badly to highly concentrated thinner. I used acryllic paint thinner as that is guaranteed not to eat into plastic. You use acryllics to paint on plastic model, if thinner meant for that will eat plastic, then that's really not right... No preference on brand, it's just that Vallejo happens to be what is on hand. Apply the thinner to the inside of the canopy; take care not to spill over to the outside as the black lining are all on the outside and we try not to take that off if we can. The rainbow coating is all on the inside as a layer and you want the thinner to sit and eat into it a bit. The initial reaction will be a metallic glitter sitting around in the pool of thinner, and subsequently you will see a oily/ red/ pink film on the canopy's inside that is quite resistent to thinner, especially on the edges. You'll need to take your brush and gently abrade the film off. Note that this might end up as a gel that you need to gently remove from the crevices; use either thinner or brush cleaner to "float" and prod the gel loose. You need quite a bit of patience on this and will take an hour or two. Don't rush the job and don't use anything too hard as this can scratch the canopy plastic. The brush cleaner is just because I had it handy. It seems to have a slight effect but you might be able to get by with water. You'll need to flush the end result with water to get rid of residue thinner, but that's trivial. You need to get the water into the canopy joint if you did not dissemble the part; I did not and as a result it's a bit tricky. You'll also have to accept that you won't be able to get all the film off. This is particularly true for the film at the front and back corners of the canopy. How acceptable that is, is really up to your personal standards. Hope this helps people. Any questions please PM me as I don't really check this forum.
  13. Portal I was fun. It's a refreshing change of pace. I just got Portal II, but that's just going to have to wait as I'm Reach'ing at the moment.
  14. Oh yeah.. I think I recall seeing that sort of mounting a few years back. IMO a bit overboard, but then again we're talking about giant robots. Think I'll miss the 90mm. Do wish somebody would do the 0080 designs justice and get good versions out.
  15. If the Zaku came with the possibility of having twin shoulder spikes, I think a Gouf won't be too far off. You may not be able to mount twin shoulder shields -- the other one with the spike is actually a punching weapon, and you can just see the hand grip underneath the shield. Not sure if the grip is removable and they have the mounting part to put it on the other shoulder. Pretty decent in terms of accessories, 'cept no 90mm. Early war Zaku I guess. They re-conned the rocket packs I guess, it used to be a big band around the lower legs but that's honestly just asking for breakage. I think the current mounting is good. Weird-ass big connector for the Bazooka. What's the tail supposed to be for?
  16. Huh. They have windows stretching all the way to the nose.. Why not replace the nose with clear "glass" anyway? Great for tourists. (Then of course my brain went to "hmm, let's add a bombsight, then maybe rig a bomb bay, some defensive MGs maybe... Hey! B-747-17..... )
  17. The Reapers' control of Citadel sort of got blocked by the Proteans IIRC. That's the reason behind Sovereign's attack on the Citadel in ME1 -- to reassert control so that the main Reaper fleet can come in. I believe the final boss in ME2 might have been intended to be a second attempt to attack and regain control of the Citadel relay, but the timeline is off*. Have to give it to the Reapers, they do believe in contingency planning. First, they cunningly set up a system of super-science travel devices that are easily understood by lesser races so that they will become dependent on these relays; they build a hidden hub (Citadel) so that they can reassert control over the entire network, then go off into dark space to hibernate. But just in case there's a problem with the hub they leave a vanguard (Sovereign) to make sure they can reassert control. But just in case the vanguard failed, they have a client/ genegineered race (the Collectors) complete with a technologically impressive base to support and provide secondary backup plans. And just in case that failed too, they plan to: C'mon Bioware. No human is that good. I guess that's why the Reapers aren't human....
  18. Point, but that also means all those little reaper artifacts lying around in ME2 -- I can think of 2, maybe 3 missions -- are all little bits of reapers?
  19. And strange thoughts come to you as you meditate on the porcelain throne. If Mass Relays are built by Reapers, essentially Reaper artifacts, why aren't every traveller who spend enough time going through them indoctrinated...?
  20. Ok, just finished my second Arrival run. Same Paragon Sniper. Took all the achievements -- thought I'll need a second run but turned out wasn't necessary. Real spoilers below.
  21. Hey, I got stuck with Udina as councilor in ME2...
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