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  1. 4 hours ago, Marzan said:

    Votoms is the kind of series that could have been perfect with 26 episodes. But back then one could get some really long runs and that sometimes spread things thin.

    Cromartie is a gem. Every time Freddie or Mechazawa come in the frame I burst out laughing. Did you watch in English or Japanese?

    I had the English dub playing, with subtitles on too, while I was doing work on the other monitor. So, probably about 50% watching it and reading the subtitles, and 50% watching it off to the side while listening to it in English.

  2. 30 minutes ago, jenius said:

    Thanks, Size Chart 2 was what I was looking for. I wonder if it's fan made or actually exists in a publication somewhere.

    I'd say official, since it's in the MOSPEADA Complete Art Works book:




    Here's a closeup of the second one:




    There are also these different size comparisons in the old ARTMIC Design Works B-Club Special:





  3. Watched some classics that I had never seen before (slowly working through that list).


    Cromartie High School (on Amazon Prime):

    Every once in a while I look through Amazon Prime's catalog of anime and find some classics that I didn't know were there. Last month it was Dallos, and this month it was Cromartie. I have to say that, on the surface, this is absolutely NOT the type of anime that I like or would every watch. The only reason that I was even curious was because I assumed that Cromartie on the old Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was a reference to this. I was very surprised that I actually really enjoyed this show and found a lot of it genuinely funny.


    Armored Trooper VOTOMS (last month's new Bluray release of all of the original TV episodes and summary/highlight movies):

    I FINALLY finished my slog through this one, and I do mean slog. I watched it all, but it just didn't do much for me. I had never seen it before, but decided to chance it because I enjoyed Armor Hunter Mellowlink and because I know that this show has a big following. It just didn't do anything for me, though. It felt like about 20ish episodes of concepts that got unexpectedly approved for 52 episodes and then stretched out to fit that run. There were separate elements of the show that I liked, and I did appreciate the different phases/locations, but everything just seemed to get dragged out, while some of the moments or concepts that had the most potential for exploration (in my opinion) were kind of glossed over. By the time the series was done, I figured that maybe I should have just watched the summary/highlight movies instead, but those skipped even more of what I thought was important. The extra movies did have some nice opening/ending credit scenes, including one fun post credits scene.

  4. Even though this is a fairly old and stagnant thread, I just came across this pre-order Kotobukiya and it made me think of this show. Probably the closest to a toy (other than the one statue coming out) that we're going to get (even though it isn't all that close, in fairness... still, slightly reminiscent in vehicle mode).






  5. As much as I have enjoyed Garth Ennis' work, I just couldn't get into The Boys when it first came out in 2006. Reminded me a bit of Brat Pack, which felt like shock for shock's sake (in fairness, that's a typical Ennis criticism, but somehow here there seemed less humor with the shock). Still, I'll give the show a shot on Amazon.


    As a side note, I'm glad Simon Pegg will at least have a cameo, since the main character of the comics was explicitly based on him (think how Samuel L. Jackson got the Nick Fury role because Nick Fury in the Ultimates comics was based on him).

  6. 1 minute ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    leaving them tens of thousands of dollars in the red.

    I'm not sure how they could recover from that, considering that he said he didn't send out the price from the raffle that they ran yet because 1) he didn't account for PayPal taking their cut from $300 they raised (which is like 4%), and 2) no one seems to appreciate that it will cost him around $30 to ship it from his home in the Philippines.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Wasn't that around the point where they started to make pointed hints that their attempt to go solo on crowdfunding backfired epically when a bunch of their backers backed out and got Paypal refunds?

    Not to my knowledge. This was last month. I'm about a painful hour into it so far. It is clear that the money from each crowdfunding doesn't actually go towards that project's deliverables but to pay off financial miscalculations from the previous funded-but-not-produced-because-of-lack-of-funds project... but he insists that is not the case with the Robotech license... any money from crowdfunding it would go towards molds... but they were (as of 3/2/19) still intending to crowdfund someday, once they're done talking to HG, but can't comment on it... ugh...

    He keeps talking about around a dozen projects that they're working on, but have no money for... and apparently all the company's hopes and dreams are based around money from the future sales of a figure that was supposed to retail for $25 and was limited to 500 pieces.

  8. 33 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    I'm honestly not sure how to feel about it.

    On the one hand, MAAS Toys were undeniably a criminal enterprise... so I shouldn't feel sorry for them.

    On the other hand, MAAS Toys seems to have been trying to go at least partially legit by licensing Southern Cross from HG... so I ought to feel a little bad for the fact that their attempt to go legit was a part of what sunk them.

    On the third hand, MAAS Toys was apparently dumb enough to pursue the license without first checking whether or not HG was OK with their crowdfunding-based business model... which puts them in "too dumb to live" territory.

    On the fourth hand, they were literally the ONLY ones willing to make the attempt at Southern Cross mecha merchandise... which is laudable in a self-destructive sort of way given that every other company refused to even try.

    On the fifth hand, I really need to see about getting this geiger counter fixed...

    I believe you've ignored the sixth hand:

    The designs that they showed were not good, and they seemed unlikely to want to improve upon them. If those were to be released, I think that they would have sold poorly.

    I would imagine that those poor sales would be attributed to the property, as opposed to the products themselves, likely meaning that no one would want to touch the property.

    So, now we're in a situation where folks are going to question the value of the property as they have for years, as opposed to completely writing it off as proven to be un-sellable (is that a word?).

    So, a 0.00001% chance of someone making something is technically better than 0.00000% chance.


    BTW, at the moment, I'm listening to the March interview with Spencer Wilson, the guy behind MAAS toys. He is astoundingly evasive and incoherent in his replies to questions, even for someone running a company based on serial IP infringement.

  9. 15 minutes ago, Knight26 said:

    https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3379195  For those with a 3D printers and nostalgia.  

    Well, crap... I have five 3d printers at the moment. Three are typically running for client projects at any given time, one is always running for my own projects, and one is there for unexpected things. This is tempting to have be an "unexpected thing".


    Actually, since I do own this actual kit, still not built, this might be a nice starting point for some customizations to it. Then again, I'm used to design from scratch, and hate modifying other people's work.

  10. 2 hours ago, ArchieNov said:

    I just realized that if Yellow's legs are longer, will that make it harder (or impossible) to place his feet naturally on the foot rest while riding? I checked the pics on the blog and they don't place his feet on them. Not sure if that was intentional or a hint that it can't be done without looking awkward. 

    I was originally going to reply that, if Yellow's thighs are longer, then the thigh armor pieces/swingarms would likely be identically longer, thus giving the motorcycle a longer wheelbase and meaning that his feet will seat relatively the same... but looking at the pics (attached ones taken from jenius' anymoon blog), I really can't tell if the thigh armor on the figure itself is a new longer mold or the same one just sitting on longer inner thighs. The ride armor thigh armor/swingarms look to me like they might just be the same original ones, with the slider piece slid out further to accommodate the longer thighs.

    It makes sense for Sentinel to not be making any new molds that they don't really need to, so, yeah, it seems likely that the legs and feat will seat a bit more awkwardly now.





  11. 1 hour ago, beatsing said:

    nice pics ravenhawk.  I haven't watched these since I was a kid.  IIRC, wasn't there also a rider with a bike similar to rook's but with a camera instead of launcher?

    There's a picture of it about halfway up this page (at least that's where it is while I'm typing this now).

  12. I think the Dark Ride Armor shown in the final episode was only the VR-052F, and not the T, but that's not to say they won't make both if they dip into one.

    Some of us suckers (hello) can't help but buy two of each, to display in each mode...


    (I also hope it didn't come across as rude that I jumped on posting the above pics, rather than just replying with words. I quite literally came across those pics today on my computer while double checking some other images for some add-on pieces I'm 3d printing)

  13. 8 minutes ago, jenius said:

    I don't remember, were there dark ride armors shown in the last battle? I think we'll get a Shinobu if Houquet sells well but a dark Stick/Ley? I dunno. I think a more anime accurate Stick/Ley is probably more likely if they can reuse some of the parts. LE Wolf release? 





  14. 37 minutes ago, easnoddy said:

    I think the Shinobu/Dark Bartley should be a given.  Assuming Sentinel wants to keep making money, they should milk the original mold with the green sleeves/standard forearm missile type and the dark type with no forearm weapons, only the rifle weapon.

    I'm not worried about them reusing the molds in different color schemes and with different accessories. I also think that's a given. My concern is that those will be convention exclusives going for double the price.

  15. Infringing on someone else's trademarks/copyrights/other intellectual property rights with your own innovative engineering can lead to an impressive product, but is still wrong.

    Copying someone else's product (often even just making upscaled molds from their products) is even more wrong.

    MAAS falls somewhere in the middle, as they create their own designs based on other people's IP, but the engineering is often not even done by them.

    It's sort of like fan art... it can be done really well, but it still technically infringes... except they sell it and are proud of it.

  16. 53 minutes ago, jorawar_b said:

    Man I hope they make the Dark Ride Armour also.


    I liked this one a lot. Probably the most finicky out of all of the ones CMs made (at least the ones that I personally have; nothing even comes close to pegging properly on this one), but the three dark Ride Armors from CMs were the first I ever bought, so I'll likely always have affection for them.

  17. Add me in on the Exapnse list. Due to a fair amount of reading and writing during the day, I do tend to be in more of a graphical mood at night, so either read some comics/graphic novels/manga in bed or watch streaming movies/shows/anime, but I'm also steadily working my way through reading the Expanse series. Enjoy it thoroughly, but I do tend to go back and forth on how into it I get. There's a huge backlog of purchased books waiting for me to get around to them...

  18. 1 hour ago, Kuma Style said:


    Gorgeous work, as always (and even better than usual, because of the subject matter).

    Everyone remember how Yamato used to do the regular plastic versions (i.e. Priss' Motoslave and the standard Garland) and then would also release more limited "metallic" paint jobs? I think these (especially Yellow's) would look great with that kind of metallic paint.

  19. 1 hour ago, Duymon said:

    I don't think this PO will move too fast and it should get a decent discount at the usual shops. Should probably be able to nab it for around $250 shipped at current exchange rates.

    You're referring to the Legioss, not Yellow, right?

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