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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a reasonably-priced blue Sentinel Legioss?

    My preorder through Amazon.jp was cancelled by the seller "due to Coronavirus shipping restrictions" a few weeks ago. I assume I'm stuck waiting for a re-issue (hopefully).

  2. On 4/30/2020 at 7:10 PM, Kuma Style said:


    I have all three of these, and they're still on display and still some of my absolute favorites. The core figures aren't really parts-forming, except for the lower fairing/backpack and exhaust becoming a weapon. The parts-forming is mostly storage of weapons and accessories, which I am totally ok with.

    These are great figures and what got me into 3p.

  3. 13 hours ago, Bobby said:

    6?! Wow!

    Any chance a mandatory global-scale shut down might possibly give you some free time? That is...unless you are part of lifesaving infrastructure in which case your workload just went Super Saiyan

    Possibly. The 3-d printing is sort of a side gig for me, but my main job is 95% work from home anyway, so the shutdown hasn't really affected me yet. On the other hand, if clients start getting worried about the economy and get nervous about spending money where it isn't absolutely necessary, then yes, I might find myself with some free time there.

  4. 22 hours ago, jenius said:

    I know I'm 10 years late on this, but just in case anyone was contemplating picking up the CM's ride armors, I've created this helpful image so you know which toys were in which boxes:


    Still frustrated that by the time I got the metallic Yellow it was too late to send away for the special box and parts.

  5. 4 hours ago, sqidd said:

    Engineers have a bad habit of telling people the most ideal way of designing something with no consideration for cost and production/assembly processes (which at the end of the day ends up being cost too). Almost everything can be engineered better, so it's real easy to point fingers and say "That's not right, I would have done it like this". If they were presented with the same question with the addition of "It has to be done for $XX.XX" most of the time you will get an answer like "I don't know" or "That's impossible".

    I'm an engineer. But, my company actually has to produce things that hit a target price point. I'm the lead designer and the bean counter. That means a lot of things I would like to do get left on the table. If I could go at some of my products "no holds barred" their price would at a minimum quadruple. That doesn't mean I can't put out a quality product. It's arguable that my stuff is the best in it's market. It just means that if I could unload both barrels the product would be out of this world trick.

    I'm not suggesting that "hinge" shouldn't be better. "Not breaking" is the lowest bar in engineering. At a minimum that should be met. If it can't, either don't produce it, or raise the price to cover the cost of getting it right.

    What's my point (I'm rambling)? I guess it's that a lot of engineers tend to think in a vacuum. They also like to show off a bit too (I'm as guilty of this as any engineer). When listening to an engineer it's best to take the 30,000ft perspective.

    During my engineering days, I sometimes did like materials with like, but sometimes dissimilar made more sense. if you knew that there was going to be wear, but one part was easier to replace when it wore out than the other, then you made that part out of the weaker material.

    Not saying that's the case here, but that was the theory.

    Of course, other times, it's just cost. You want to make parts plastic, but it financially makes sense to use off the shelf metal pins, so you use those with plastic surrounding them.

  6. 4 hours ago, Kuma Style said:

    So what is the "definitive" garland to buy at the moment? I've waited for the EX Gokin forever but it seems to be universally disappointing. I don't mind polishing joints and if that makes it THE Garland to get I'm in but if there's a better one out there I'd rather prioritize that.

    Great write ups @Bobby

    I'm very happy with the Arcadia one.

    Honestly, I like all of the others too, but don't think they're worth it unless you get a really REALLY good discount off the asking price. The Arcadia is, in my opinion, worth what they ask (considering the niche market, of course).

  7. On 8/10/2019 at 8:57 PM, Dangard Ace said:

    Update from KS Gunsmith Cats


    In other news…

    The kickstarter for our next project, the Megazone 23 Omega Edition, will go live at 5pm ET on Saturday, September 17th! 


    15 hours ago, technoblue said:

    Woah! Thanks for the reminder, Keith. Somehow I got my wires crossed and thought the campaign started in September. :o

    Happily locked in now.

    That's probably why.

  8. Reaching into the past a bit here:

    I absolutely adore my Toyworld not-Throttlebots. I seem to recall a ways back seeing some recolors of them, though I don't recall if they were Toyworld of some company knocking off their molds in a different color.

    I've been looking for them again with no luck. Does anyone remember them? Specifically, a recolor of Aurora (the Range Rover Evoque)?


  9. 24 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    I have the Mospeada Complete Art Works mook but sad to say I'm really not that fluent in Nihongo esp reading big kanjis. I checked GearsOnline.net, and this what it says regarding the Greek letter designation:

    Eta - designed for squad leaders.
    Iota - mass produced model.
    Zeta - high performance variant.

    That being said, I'm thinking maybe it's the same as Macross out-of-sequence designation letters. Unless, there's an official reason if each letters really have a meaning. ^_^


    I assumed they were going for equivalents of G, H, I and just, you know, without the internet to handily look things up, misremembered.

  10. The ship, character names, and scenario (machines revolting after evolving from protoculture) are from Robotech 3000. the armor is straight-up HALO.




    Honestly, I don't have an issue with the RT 3000 reference (though, not having read the comic, I might feel different in context). If (and it's a big IF) you're a serious RT fan, I'm sure you'd love this kind of a reference.  It would be like reading a Doctor Who comic and seeing a reference to K9 & Company.

    We have to remember that most of us on this forum are NOT the target audience of this comic. It's meant for new kids who don't know any better, and people who log in to the Robotech.com forums and type in all caps.

  11. 36 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:





    So, if we assume that feet, angles, perspective, etc., aren't the point of this, but the line showing where the top of any given character is what matters for showing relative heights (at least that was the point many many many years ago in my drafting days)...

    This suggests that the cute little baby crab is barely taller than the Enforcer (embarassingly brain-fried on the correct names at the moment) or the armored-up rider... maybe a quarter meter at most... likely more like 6" (yay, I'm mixing units).

    Definitely not how I always pictured them, despite having looked at these drawings for year.

  12. 1 minute ago, tekering said:

    Don't know where you found that drawing, RavenHawk, but it's obviously wrong just at a glance:


    If the lines were actually equidistant, than the line labeled "2 meters" is off by at least 20cm, the line labeled "3 meters" is off by 70cm, and the line labeled "5 meters" is off by more than 60cm...  :blink:

    Whoever made that obviously can't even use a ruler.  <_<

    That drawing was from no3Ljm's post earlier, so not sure where it originally came from. I do feel like I've seen it multiple times before, including in some of the books on my shelf... just too lazy to look now.

    As to the lines being way off... I agree with you, and that's why I posted my comment. Just something I honestly never really paid attention to, up until I saw that post today.

    As for scaling of figures, to me it just really matters how I put them on my shelf, and that's based on the size of the human that I picture being inside the armor/vehicle/mech.


  13. 6 hours ago, Tober said:

    Three meters tall means it would be closer to 6 cm tall at 1/55 scale... Anyway, their Facebook page says 'it is 76mm/~3 inches tall. We scaled them to the Toynami MP Alphas', so... I don't quite know where they got their dimensions from. :unsure:

    In other news, I got my Evolution Toys Dark Legioss today. I was shocked by the quality, it's actually quite good! :o So it seems like it's a crapshoot as far as the quality you get goes.

    I don't know if I ever noticed just how close that 2m line is to the 3m before... 

    Or how off the riders are, relative to the 2m, from the heights that I always pictured them in my head, with the boots and leg extensions.


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