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  1. 9 hours ago, M'Kyuun said:

    I'm surprised it hasn't happened already, TBH. The engineering involved isn't quite on the same level as creating a completely convertible and highly articulated robot; it'd be a nice side hustle for some of these companies, and with 80's nostalgia at a high point, a good gamble methinks. I'm looking forward to seeing what Ramen does with it. I didn't have any M.A.S.K. toys growing up, so this'll afford me the chance to pick up the ones that appeal most to me. I simply don't have the room for all of them, but I have my faves. But I'm sure there are die-hard fans out there who would love to have a shiny new collection of updated toys, much like us Transformers fans.

    In retrospect, I'm guessing M.A.S.K. was Kenner's answer to Transformers, without directly copying what Hasbro was doing. Ironic since they'd be the ones producing the Beast Wars toys in the mid-90s, albeit under Hasbro's ownership. (Hasbro acquired Kenner in 1991)

    I think that M.A.S.K. absolutely was Kenner's answer to both Transformers and to G.I. Joe, and the kid in me recognized that and was definitely a big fan.

    When Hasbro got the rights to it, I was honestly excited for the potential there. The IDW comics and crossovers were... not to my taste (the MASK ones, not the TF ones, which I did enjoy). We got the one Trakker GI Joe figure, with the Condor-inspired backpack, but that was about it. I did enjoy the Transformers Human Alliance figures because they felt to me a bit like TF having a taste of MASK figures.

  2. 5 hours ago, Glasswave said:

    Do you guys think Riobot would consider making the Bubblegum Crisis MOTO-SLAVE?

    *Is it logical; considering their close relationship to Aramaki Shinji ??

    P.S. Counting the days until the Bartley's arrive woohoO!!(waiting for 30+ years)

    Personally, I would LOVE to see this happen (I have a shelf for CMs ride armors and Yamato Motoslaves, since it's all Aramaki at roughly the same scale, and the same for some model kits that are close).

    I feel like, ability-wise, they could do it fairly easily, when you look at the different designs from Sentinel and Riobot. However, it would probably depend on if there's any market for it.

    I want to say that they tend to go for things that will allow a lot of uses for the same mold, and where there is a current market (i.e. the Marvel stuff), but then again, they've been doing some very random one-offs too, so who knows?

  3. 16 hours ago, jenius said:

    I thought the Robotech novels or some other source made Rook's father one of the pioneers of the Cyclone mecha with the implication being that she somehow got her armor from him. 

    Jupiter Base and Mars Base sent waves to assault Earth. With Robotech's squishier canon, it's easy to imagine Jupiter Base contributed troops and mecha to one of the early assaults on Earth. 

    Not that it really matters, since this is RT we're talking about here, and not the original material, but I recently re-read all of the novels and don't recall any mention of that. The novels present Mars Base and Jupiter Base as not being literal bases that sent troops (which is how I always pictured it as a kid), but as the names for the missions. Therein, the final mission was named "Jupiter Base"... which makes no sense. Then again, re-reading those over a fairly short period a couple months ago, maybe I'm misremembering.

    I think the concept art books for the actual MOSPEADA showed how divisions of Mars joined up with ones from Jupiter's moons, which made more sense, but again, memory is fuzzy.

  4. 1 hour ago, roboemo said:

    So kinda had topics

    - Any idea on Mospeada Genesis Breakers, seems to be quiet 2 years after announcement?

    - Also maybe discussion on how Houqet got her Cyclone (taken from crashsite? Stolen? Maybe initially planned to be Jupiter Base soldier?)

    This has kind of bothered me every time I rewatch the original or even New Gen. I don't lose sleep over it, but it is a little annoyance. She showed up already extremely good with the bike, as though trained on it, but no mention of how. RT complicates it further by having Jupiter Base be the mission arriving AFTER she already has it. I don't recall any of the background info in the concept books covering it, but others probably are more familiar with all of that than I am.


    13 minutes ago, jenius said:

    It was supposed to be for a new line of merchandise but COVID must have introduced enough production problems that Sentinel had to reduce the # of new products per year and things that weren't guaranteed winners got cut. They probably put some resources into it though so maybe if things get going really good again it will pop back up.

    Sentinel has re-ramped up new products in a big way, but they all seem to be things with mass appeal (i.e. Marvel stuff) or items where the same molds can get reused A LOT. I think we're only seeing Houquet because the base figure is already coming out for another line. Maybe when they get some profits back in, they'll look at things like Genesis Breakers and be willing to invest in the new molds.

  5. 6 hours ago, daBlah! said:

    I certainly hope that they finish out the Garland variants so that there's a nice full collection line. I've held off buying the only E=X Garland available for this long maybe it's worth while waiting to see if Arcadia deliver a much better version. I believe it was @jeniusreview that put the nail in the coffin on that piece for me 😅

    The Hargan transporter seems to depend on Hargan sales at the moment so fingers crossed this will happen. The 1/12 scale one is done and tested but no color version yet it seems.

    Some GR-2 grunts would be nice to face off with the Proto Garland.

    There are some nice ones like the Flagger and Hargan transport Flagger that could be nice pieces to see released in the scale. I'd like some time to CAD up the Transport Flagger for the 1/48 Hargan.

    Are you referring to the Good Smile/FREEing E=X?

    I actually got two of them (right when they had their lowest price drop, so got there for like $90 a piece), and like them. It's one of those figures where I ABSOLUTELY 100% understand every complaint leveled against it... and they are completely justified... and it is super floppy... but the engineering is still very cool and it just looks so good next to my Arcadia Garland, so if you don't breathe too hard on it then it is gorgeous to look at.


    I had missed the info on the Flagger somehow, and had assumed that the Flagger and Hargan were going to be a single purchase together. So the Hargan comes first, and if they sales aren't good enough then no Flagger? Well, I hope that we do get it, and within a reasonable time frame (or we're going to have some serious 3d printing going on to make up for it).

  6. 1 hour ago, daBlah! said:

    I've ran out of space in my IKEA 2x4 cabinet I've mounted on the office wall 😅 I've the 1/24, the feature garland and 1/15 garlands mingling in one cube.... The 1/48 garland and Hargan transporter still haven't been built but would look great in a scene on their own 😅

    The 1/12 Hargan 3d print went for sale back in October time. It was 3d printed but I don't think the transporter had ever been for sale since. 

    Mr.K indicated that the likelihood of the transporter seems tied to the success of the Hargan release. 

    I actually reorganized my Ikea display cases a few months ago, and specifically left room for this (one of those, "thematically, this would be the right spot for it" kind of things).

    My Garlands are all spread out across 4 different shelves, next to each other, and then I have a Hargan-like figure on a nearby shelf, so just waiting...

  7. There are also delays with shipping and being able to load product from ports onto trucks that are affecting everyone. My Sentinel/1000Toys "TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human (Female)" (what is most likely the basis for our new female rider figure) only just arrived at BBTS, around 3 months late.

  8. On 2/2/2022 at 11:37 PM, Phyrox said:

    Anyone have any insider info on what's up with the MEPTOYS invid scout and shocktrooper?
    It was due to ship in December, then I gather there was a problem with the pre-production proofs that had to be addressed...but I ain't heard nothing.
    No email, nothing on their website, nothing on Facebook...
    I emailed them last week asking for an update, but haven't gotten any response.

    I'm wondering if I should contact my c.c. company for a chargeback?

    There have been a number of updates in recent weeks (or it seems like that, in my memory), both on FB and on IG. I'd recommend checking them out.

    I think the Hellcat final production pieces just came in, and the Hellcats and Invid are kind of all going simultaneously. I'd assume that now that the Hellcats appear to be sorted, the manufacturer is working on the final joints on the troopers.

  9. 18 hours ago, captain america said:

    I really like the tread on the motorcycle tires on the Hoquet sculpt, though admittedly, they would make for a very rough & uncomfortable ride.

    *Dodges flying tomatoes*

    Good for dry dirt and nothing else.

  10. On 11/16/2021 at 9:46 AM, MKT said:

    Quite like what Pose+ has done with the overall sculpt in the prototype. Size looks a bit small though, in armor mode it seems to be the height of normal 1/12 figures at 6 inches. So the rider is perhaps around 1/15 scale? Shudder to think of the price though, Pose+ stuff appear to be at at least as or even more pricey than Sentinel. But it would be a great release for fans, and I might just jump on it too.

    I was assuming 1/15 or 1/18, based on... well, not much of anything, I suppose.

  11. 10 hours ago, JetJockey said:

    I kind of wish we got the bikes that they ride into the ship. But this might be one of those beggars can't be choosers when we get more Zillion stuff.

    The old toys of this did include those, which was the only way to get the weapon.

    I honestly did like those too (I've thought the sidecar look to be pretty cool, ever since my old Revell model of the GI Joe RAM when I was a kid), and I hope that the Tri-Charger not only actually gets released this time (unlike when CMs teased it), but does well enough to justify a couple more items in the line.





    7 hours ago, MKT said:

    Hmm.. As I am appreciating bike mecha more & more, I really want to like the Tri-charger. Yet my biggest issue with its design are the huge wheels sticking out of the shins, looking somewhat unresolved, and just looks wrong. I imagine it will a real chore to walk with huge weights on your knees or shins. :p

    There should have a way to move the wheels somewhere to the back, perhaps at the butt below the front wheel, even if they cheat a little by just simply unplugging them from the shins & sticking them there. 

    I'm not a fan of the look of the wheels on the side either, but functionally they're needed there for the third mode (thus the "Tri" in the name).



  12. 5 hours ago, MKT said:

    It's fun to hunt for older figures. I had the Organic original Garland for a while, and wanted the rest of the set.  As I understood, they were shelf warmers when they were released due to rather high MSRP for essentially non-transforming, trading-sized figures then. But finding the rest of the set was tough in past year or so, until recently:

    Congrats, and great find!

    I lucked into finding the full set of all of them for around $60 a couple years ago, all NIB, and have to say I love them decorating my display shelves.

    The Hargun is front and center in my display, because, like you said, it's the only mass-produced one, and a nice contrast to the others.

    Still haven't gotten around to building any of my resin kits of the rarer ones, though.

  13. 7 hours ago, MKT said:

    On the B2Five ride armors, I watched a FB video not too long ago where the designer was introducing the toys, transforming it on-screen with some discussion on their design philosophy. The designer is from Hong Kong, & is actually the same guy behind the recent & very excellent Pose+ Baikanfu.

    Some takeaways:

    1. It is not perfect transformation, yet nowhere near the huge partsformer of Megahouse's. Only the front forks are removed from bike to armor mode and stored aside. This is for practical purposes at this scale for the transformation & posing in armor mode, plus to avoid overengineering & complexity like CM's.

    2. The designer intended this to be a desktop toy, to be fiddled frequently, quickly transformed back and forth & easily posed with the included stand. From the video, the transformation process is pretty straightforward, & the pre-production sample he was using to demonstrate the transformation look to have pretty good tolerances (unlike the CM's, those were quite a nightmare to transform). 

    3. The stand has peg holes all around it to plug in all the accessories - extra hands, head / helmet, weapons etc. Once everything in on the stand, the entire toy can be moved just with one palm. No need to look for a separate parts bin.

    4. If sales of the initial 3 armors are good, Houquet should be offered up next. So, this could be another line where we might have the complete 4.


    I was quite lukewarm on the B2Fives before this, but the video made me very interested in PO-ing them. I just can't find the link now, will post it up when I come across it again.

    Edit: Found it  https://fb.watch/9cmGSJIIGY/



    Thank you for posting this. I hadn't seen any of this before.


    Does anyone know if there is any confirmation that the Toynami accessories are different (i.e. less included) than the B2Five ones? I seem to remember Japanese listings including accessories that were not explicitly shown in the BBTS pre-order, but may be misremembering.

  14. 2 minutes ago, jenius said:

    They're B25 Ride Armors. I suspect you just pop the toy apart with a couple hinges and sliding parts and reapply to the figure. So a bit more old school and less prone to breaking (hopefully). They take a lot of cues from the Mega House toys.

    Thank you. I was completely blanking on the company.

    Sadly, I actually disliked the Megahouse ones. It's funny with partsforming... I actively disliked it with MegaHouse, but others where this is like 1 piece of partforming don't bother me so much.

  15. 2 minutes ago, levzloi said:

    What he said.  The engineering on these things is amazing, truly incredible.  However that means there is lots that can go wrong.  I'd personally decide which mode and pose you want to display it in, and then pose it and leave it.  Constant transforming back and forth is just asking for component failure. 

    Agreed! If you can swing getting two of each, you'll be happier keeping one in each mode. They're engineered really nicely, and gorgeous to look at (they very much fit my personal tastes, style-wise), but these are similar to Arcadia products, in that there is solid engineering, they're decently entertaining to transform, but they're not "toys" and WILL have some weak spot break eventually.


    My one hope for the new Toynami 1/28th ride armors (having a brain lapse and forgetting the actual manufacturer) is that they're designed more to be toys, where you can absentmindedly transform them repeatedly and not worry about anything breaking. I wish Yamato had tackled these like they did the Motoslaves.

  16. 5 minutes ago, lavinrac said:

    Based on things I’ve received in the past three or four months from HLJ I’d guess around 40 to 45 bucks. For DHL or FedEx

    Thank you.

    Just deciding if I should wait for a BBTS preorder, since the last ones were $199 on there (with essentially free shipping, considering how much I keep in my Pile of Loot) and I don't mind waiting a little, as long as I get it.

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