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  1. is it that difficult to transform? could it be the first time ill ever have to look at instructions for a transforming figure?
  2. true its not accurate enough but chances are another version wont be around for a while so ill probably buy it. on the subject of the YF-19 im waiting for the re-mold which hopefully will come out next year as i think the first versions werent done very well
  3. but for a first timer its alright isnt it?
  4. Yes Abombz I was refering to the baby. That part was plain weird o.O
  5. I've been thinking about getting Yamato's YF-21 fastpack. I wasn't really into Macross when it first came around so I've started collecting now. I have the VF-11B Fastpack and was quite impressed with it so I was wondering if the YF-21 is a worthy addition to my collection considering I don't have the original
  6. My model page I only have a few macross related models and the Macross Plus DVD at the mo but im planning on getting the YF-21 fastpack edition and starting to collect the rest of the movies on dvd
  7. Unfortunately its been a long time since i had the ROM and i cant remember where i got it from
  8. yeah i found it tough too but eventually managed to finish the game after something like 10 attempts. the final boss isnt very macross at all
  9. Anyone played Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie? I tried it via a SNES emulator and found it quite addictive
  10. thats looks cool B) i just wish someone would make something like that for Flight Sim 2002/2004 o.O
  11. i hope theres some progress on the re-mold of the YF-19
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