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  1. I have the 1/60 Yamato version, and was just wondering how this bandai offering held up? I am a fan of Klan, and would like to display her with my other MF things, but I am curious as to the approximate scale/overall feel of the toy. If anyone can shed some light I woudl appreciate it. Pictures with the 1/72 models and the 1/60 toys would be favorite. Thanks!
  2. Rhapsodyred99

    SCOOP thread!

    not sure if it has been said, but saw a pre order at HLJ for a 1/72 armored up Klan: http://www.hlj.com/product/MEG71243
  3. I POed the normal version, but I'll probably cave on the other one as well. I love me some monsters! P.S. Thanks for the new avatar image!
  4. damn I'm gonna have to get both... if its yamato size then its a 1/100. a 1/60 monster would be like an end table... sigh my wallet hates me.
  5. I can attest to this as well. I was so excited to pick up my first Frontier toy at BotCon this year, a brand new VF-25G. that excitement lasted till I actually got it out of the box. Floppy, Super parts fall off when you look at them, clunky, not at all posable... You gotta love a sniper that has to fire his gun from the hip.... I switched to the models. They are amazing. Look 100% better just out of the box with stickers. Very posable, and as long as you are not trying to toss them around the room pretty darn sturdy too. I have very few bad things to say about the models. They cost a lot less too. Personally I have no problem paying the price for an import toy...If it is worth it. I have lots of Yamato valks...yeah yeah I know some of those had issues as well, but even with those issues I still felt the price was justified. The MF toys, not at all.
  6. If you truely mean decals and not stickers I probably have a whole alto decal sheet I can send you. I use stickers, mainly because the stickers take long enough to apply, I shudder at decals. I'm pretty annoyed there are only decals for the ghosts with Luca, and have not quite got up the gumption to attempt them yet. I know the fighters would look better painted and decaled, but I am pretty impressed how they look right out of the box with stickers, and a few judicious uses of a gundam marker or two. Anyway drop me a pm and I will see I f I can hook you up. I am at work and cannot be 100% certain I can find the decal set at home until I get there this afternoon
  7. Mine looks EXACTLY like that... In my dreams Man this really makes me wish I had the time, energy, patience and talent (not necesarily in that order) to do something like that. I'm lucky to get my models built at all, much less put that much effort into it. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I was not going to get this guy, but this thread sold it. Ordered mine from overdrive, hopefully will see it soon.
  9. Basically looking for the PVC klan figure in her flightsuit. It can be open, just as long as the figure has the helmet and isn't missing any paint. Thanks
  10. My michael's crotch lock is so stupidly weak that if I want to display him in Bat mode I have to use some of those clear rubber bands you get on some toys now to hold it. very frustrating for a brand new toy that has been transformed gently a staggering 2 times. My Michael had so many issues I have now gone to the models, which apart from the eensy little stickers for the fast packs, really are pretty darn good. I do not mind paying upwards of 200 dollars for a toy, but if I do it should have A LOT less issues than my Michael does. Unless I see they have significantely improved I will just buy models. They have issues too, but I can deal with issues on something that costs what they do, and since you are building it yourself, only you are to blame for the quality control. My armored Ozma model and Armored alto Model cost around 85 dollars shipped off ebay each, so I basically get 2 for the price of one problematic DX. I truely WISH the DX line was great, I was so excited to get my shiney new Michael, only to find he was not worth anywhere near what I paid for him, and I thought I had gotten a good deal on the price since I picked him up at Botcon and did not end up having to pay shipping. Still was way to darn much money.
  11. Bleah, Oh well. I know what you mean with the models, as of now I have my Michael (w his superparts), Luca (with his superparts), armored ozma, and armored Alto all still in thier boxes... Have completed Super pack Ozma, and Super Pack Alto so far. Its not that its that difficult or even all that time consumig to buld, but it does get repetative, and those darn stickers/decals, my god some of the 'lil white stickers for the armor packs are insane! Looks Like I will just have to keep plugging away at them, perhaps they will toss out the 27 in time to break it up a bit
  12. I actually went from the 1/60 dx to the 1/72 model kits, simply because of all the problems I had with my 25-G. The models look good, and since I do not "play" with them they have proven fairly sturdy. That being siad, wow I am getting tired of building the same model and putting on all those Eensy stickers. I have started to look at the 1/100s as a solution to building a million models. My goal would be to have a normal fighter, super fighter, armored ozma and alto, and then battrods of all of them. I can't see me being able to put that many models together before I get blah on the whole thing. I have now considered 1/100 normal fighters, with the other types being models. That would save me money over the Dx, and the time of building 4 or more fighters. Right now they only have alto, ozma, and michael correct? I am really liking the Vf-19! I really hope they expand on the mac 7 valks. I would love to have a Vf-17 and all the rest of the mecha from that series. Anyway after the long ramble, what I am getting at, if displayed in fighter only mode, do the 1/100s look good/stay together on a display stand? Thanks!
  13. dumb question, but why are they gold? What does PE stand for anyway? They look great but a bit shiney...
  14. If they popped out a fire bomber Vf-19 or a M&M Vf22, Id get em in a heartbeat, but feel no need to worry with those odd 19 repaints or the gamlin Vf-22 considering thier price tags. I think its past time for a Fire bomber 19, 11, and 17 that looks as good as Yamato can make them.
  15. So I keep seeing gundam markers mentioned. Which ones would you recommend for these guys?
  16. Finished my first Mf model. A Super Ozma. He looks great, even though I was not trying to make him 100% perfect in everyway. (this was my practice kit to see if I could even do it) I am very impressed with this guy, even with no paint and just using the stickers he looks superb. He has nice tight joints that allow him to have a variety of poses, and his hea dis not turtled down into his chest. When i first got the kit and opened it up, and saw all the littel pieces, and the japanese instruction book I was a bit daunted, but the book works like a lego builder book, with nice pictures thoughout. Really took no time to build this guy quick and dirty and he still looks better than my dx toy... The real annoying part for me was the stickers...man some of those itty bitty white stickers that go in the super pack are unreal. Still all in all a I consider him a sucess and look forward to building my super alto Michael and Luca (bought super packs seperat for luca and micheal). Once I am done with those I will definately get an armored Ozma. Thanks for pointing me to these awesome little guys. I was so disappointed in my dx toy Michael I was aafraid I would not be able to get a decent 3d representation of these guys. Now Bring on the Lucifer!
  17. Silly question perhaps, but on ebay its seem sther eis only one version of the SMS display base for the models? I wanted one that I can disply Luca and his 3 ghosts on, does the Luca kit come with adaptors for the normal base stand? I just got super osma, super alto and luca kits, and wowee little itsy bitsy parts! I plan on starting with osma, hopefully he won't be impossible
  18. I agree I would love a 171 going to see how the Ozma and the Alto work out before I decide on super parting Michael and Luca. I can really see having several kits of each fighter, one in fighter, one in super fighter, one in batroid... etc. Maybe even one in super Batroid and of course the armored Ozma is a must. Personally I would rather have a toy that I did not have to make myself ( not real trusting to my abilities ), but since the toys available have not really impressed me, and are more than 2 times the cost of the kits, if they work out, Ill be able to have more. Most of the expensive toys (Yamato etc) I pretty much have one of each type and have to choose what to display it in. If theese models work out with minimal pain on my part, I am excited about the possibilities.
  19. Well I took the plunge and got a Luca with ghosts, a Super Ozma, and a Super Alto kit to give a try. I am unhappy with my Michael Dx toy so decided to try the models. Am I right in the fact that there are no super michaels or Lucas atm? If they look good, for as cheap as they are compared to the toys, I may have to buy multiples of each fighter to display in various modes/super pack/armor packs. And a few to use those nifty custom decals on. I am in the process of sorting through this post, but is there any word on a model for the VF-27 or The Quadellunn Rau of the pixie team? Or macross quarter, Battle frontier? Thanks.
  20. Any word on a 1/60 vf 27? 100 bucks for one small nontranforming ghost seems a bit steep
  21. Theese guys are add ons for the normal 1/60 s right? And one ghost per box or does it come with three?
  22. unfortunately those are MISB with MISB prices. I was hoping for a little less cash spent if i went with the open and displayed, but tired of and ready to get rid of types
  23. I am looking for a Wheeljack and Mirage altenator in good condition. I care less about MISB, or any box. My plan is to purchase the Reprolable sets for them so the first thing I would be doing is ripping em out of the box and tossing it. I would actually prefer on out of the box, so as to save some cash. MISB Altenators can get silly expensive. Please PM me with prices shipped to 24019 in VA. Alternately I would trade a new unused 1/48 fastpack for both of the loose altenators.
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