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  1. What's people's experience with ami ami? Never ordered from them before.
  2. Guess I should go with the gigabyte board. Was talking with a sales guy at microcenter and he said he's got a bunch of returned Asus boards sitting around due to similar issues you guys are mentioning.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. I'll move the WD Reds over to a nas. David- is there an issue between Asus mb's and Samsung drives?
  4. I was considering a qnap when I was thinking about getting a nas. I don't mind going that route. I can hold that part of the build back a month, so it's not a big deal. What's the reason that a dedicated nas would be better?
  5. Hey guys, been researching a build to replace my old computer for a couple of months now and wanted to run the parts by you to some feedback. I'll be using the pc for video/photo editing, storing/streaming my media collection and general office work. I wanted it to be fairly high end as I want to be able to run it for the next five years or so without having to make any major upgrades. I'll give a rational for why I choose each part. This will be my first build so any feedback is appreciated. I plan to start buying parts (case, PSU) in May and begin the build in August/September. Thanks again for your feedback! CPU: i7-5830k- picked a six core chip since I'll be editing and rendering. Choose to go with this over the 5820 since I'll get 40 pcie lanes as opposed to 28. Figured this would be better for future expansion. Cooler: be quiet Dark Rock Pro 3- don't really want to go with watercooling as I fear leakage. Saw very good reviews for this cooler with the only negative being the installation. Linus from linus tech tips made it look easy so I decided to go with it. Motherboard: At first was considering the Gigabyte ga-x99p-sli, but am thinking the Asus Deluxe or Asus x99e-ws would give me more options for future expansion (more storage, sound cards, etc.). I'll likely go with one of the Asus boards as of now. Memory: Cosair Vengence LPX 32gb (4x8gb)- guess ram doesn't really matter as long as it's from a major brand. Decided to go with 32gb over 16gb since some of the projects I'll be working on will involve 4k video and the extra ram will help. Storage: Samsung 850 evo 250gb, Samsung 950 pro 512, WD Red 4tb(x3)- the 850 will be the os drive and store the programs (adobe, office, etc.); the 950 will house my project work; the WD drives will be used to store my media collection and I'll stream it to my tv using plex. I was going to either build or buy a nas to do this, but figured I might as well use my main rig to do it since it'll be on must of the time anyway giving me access to the files for streaming. GPU: EVGA gtx 980 Ti- using the rig for editing and wanted a good card to help with that. Don't plan on gaming, but again trying to be future minded. PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA P2 750W 80+ Platinum- wanted a good psu to power everything. Don't think I'll need a 1000w one even considering future expansion, but maybe I should get an 850w just to be sure? Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro- really like the looks of the case and it'll fit the Asus x99e-ws if I decide to get that board. Either way it should fit my needs. Monitor: Definitely want to go ultrawide 3440x1440. Will probably get the Dell U3415 or LG 34uc87.
  6. All very good points. I'll be blown away by the performance of the Samsung anyway and I can put that extra money else where in the build, thanks!
  7. Oh, I know a ssd will be a lot faster than an hdd. I was wondering about the Intel 750 ssd (the 400gb one) vs. a Samsung evo 850 ssd. Since the Intel is a PCIe drive, I was wondering if I'd be better off getting it as my main drive.
  8. Ok, been researching parts for a build for my next main computer (currently using a 5 yr old laptop) and was considering using the 750 as the boot drive. Just wondering if the performance over time (like a few years) of the 750 would be worth it compared to a sata drive.
  9. Is the Intel 750 series worth the premium compared to ssd's like the Samsung evo series if you're not commonly working with large files?
  10. Thanks guys, you've helped me get started! That's great about the R9 Schizo! How's it working for you?
  11. Thanks azrael! So I could use the NAS to stream to my tv instead of the computer? Sounds like a good option especially considering how much storage I'd need. Any recommendations for a NAS? Thanks again!
  12. Hey guys, I'm considering saving my bluray and dvd collection digitally with the aim of watching it from my computer and stream it to watch on my tv. Any recommendations for great burners and programs I would need to do that? I have 100+ blurays and 500+ DVDs so I'm guessing I would need between 4-6tb to store it all. Is that too much or not enough? Thanks!
  13. Wow! Well, that explains why most people don't go. I think some people would be willing to throw down $200-300 to attend something like that, but $1300's another story.
  14. Anyone know the specs you need to play 4K video aside from a 4K monitor? Would the integrated graphics on say a i5 4690 be enough or would you need a dedicated gpu?
  15. Bebop is one of my fave anime. I'll pick it up after I get the rest of Yamato 2199 and the BGC blu ray set. I'm about half way through Knights of Sidonia and really liking it so far. Myk how's the SOC Yamato?
  16. I've been checking it out and it's been pretty good. I don't care for the CG, but the rest of the animation looks good. The story's moving faster and I like that, but I feel the characters were more fleshed out in the original series. I hope they are able to completely finish the story because I would like to see the latter parts of the manga animated.
  17. I've been considering getting one for my wife so I've been to best buy to handle it a few times. I've been very impressed with it. I find it pretty easy to switch between apps and I like using the pen. I've only handled it in store so my experience is limited, but from what I've been able to do the iPad seems a little better for raw entertainment and randomly carry around the house, but not exceedingly so. I wouldn't be unhappy at all with the Surface (I do intend on buying it for my wife), but I don't think I'd have the same ease of use I have with the ipad.
  18. Sweet! Gonna pick this up along with the rest of Yamato.
  19. Snap! I didn't even know that was released! Can you still get it? Couldn't tell when I went to the site. May of missed it. Would so love BGC on blu ray! Is the Gunbuster OVA a Japanese release w/o subs?
  20. Ok, definitely glad for more of the series. Been a great ride so far.
  21. I was in the same boat, but decided to get the Japanese release. Just finished Vol. 4 and I'm so loving this series! The character development is great as are the tactics used in battles. Finding myself just as interested in finding out more about the Gamarillans as I am the Yamato crew. Tapped out on spending money now, but plan on ordering Vol. 5-7 soon as I can! Anyone know how far they plan on taking the new series? Do they plan to adapt all of the original series?
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