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  1. 53 minutes ago, peter said:

    Nice box, are you going to open it :)

    i know right!?  i'm actually holding off for a bit.  may give this one to a friend, if the latest hlj orders come through (and i can get one for me and my buddy).  but i got in touch with hlj, they're saying they suspect the late november orders probably won't be fulfilled, but they'll still keep the orders open for now.  they're wishing me luck, and i'm keeping my fingers crossed.  but keep expectations real...

  2. came back from a lil vacation a couple of days ago, and this was at the door.  was a bit nervous with mykombini being my first time ordering from them (and their site going down for maintenance during early delivery days).  but it worked out great!  got here faster than i thought i had paid for too!  also noticed, it looks like the 001 - 100's were done right for the marketing / box art images...

  3. 16 hours ago, peter said:

    OK, so I know the Hikki 1S is all the rage right now, and nobody really cares about the Max 1A at the moment, but it was all I could get while I was in Japan and I snapped a few photos at the in-law's backyard.


    But the washlet didn't turn out in this photo :(

    nice pics of another beautiful bird!  those hands are amazing!  so expressive and detailed!

  4. 6 hours ago, Darth Mingus said:

    MyKombini is back up.  Order says "Waiting to ship".

    Both the regular price and the markup are not available.

    yeah, i touched base with them and they responded.  it sounded like the mykombini site was down for maintenance

  5. 29 minutes ago, oshanmacross said:

    Mine is showing as not shippable also, an I the odd man out? 

    i think that this means that the items aren't fully processed on their end, so the shipping isn't determined yet...?  anyone got more solid info on that?

  6. Just now, canklebreaker said:

    Don't need that negativity! :P

    hahaha!  i pre-ordered another via hlj... but i anticipate anything happening...  so i'm trying to temper my disappointment...  that being said, i've always had great luck with hlj!

  7. 9 minutes ago, Sanity is Optional said:

    Going by the prices I'm seeing on Amazon Japan/YJA, and how the scalpers are starting to drop back towards retail in an effort to offload.

    Saw it with the Max before, and that one's just barely over retail after release.

    this should be a good sign.  this should be as accessible to as many as possible.  fingers crossed...

  8. 4 hours ago, ErikElvis said:

    I know I’m suppose to be more excited for Roy but can’t wait to get Hikaru

    roy's valk is my fav too, but i suspect the pre-order madness for that is gonna leave many broken hearts in its wake...

  9. 10 minutes ago, davidwhangchoi said:

    i'm so jealous. i hope there's still orders out there.


    if it makes ya feel any better, i had missed out on the initial pre-order madness.  racked with anxiety i caved and paid slightly more for this, but i passed on the max...  had to scratch the itch...

  10. i was travelling, and had slow-arse internet...  i missed out, and am very sad about it...  just gonna do some macross art to self therapy myself... :sorry:

    any word on the strike pack ordering coming up in the next day or so?

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