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  1. just completed an order on okini land to back up my 1 of 2 nin nin roys still pending shipping notice.  13 usd for shipping on okini was too good to be true.  ended up being 43 usd via dhl shipping.  310 total.  not great, not bad...

  2. 8 hours ago, rdrunner said:

    I’m in the first batch with NNG’s Roy preorder as well, but would probably wait a bit more than a week before escalating things with them. 

    They have delivered my prior orders and I am cautiously optimistic that they will come through. 

    Here’s a suggestion: how about all of us NNG buyers keep track of when/how much our preorders were, and let others know once we have shipment updates so at least we all know if they had systematically fulfilled the pricier orders before the cheaper ones. That “evidence” would probably help our case more than spam emails asking “where’s my stuff”?

    Rdrunner:  1x Roy DX @ 17,820 yen ordered on July 3

    i put in 2 orders for roy on po night.  the one place later on in the night at a higher price has been shipped by nin nin... <_<  the earlier one only has payment confirmed...

  3. 7 minutes ago, seti88 said:

    Roy's release date is on the 28th so am doubtful how live it is... as in shipping tomorrow if you order it today...

    Based on the price they maybe getting it 2nd hand off somewhere else...

    yeah maybe, in any case.  for those that missed out on the initial po madness, a good opportunity to snag one at a decent price.  and at least based on my experience, mykombini has been reliable.  also, i don't remember mykombini being in the in fray during po.  chances are they're a retailer that prefers to have their merch in hand before promising it out.  but who knows...

  4. 11 hours ago, Kyp Durron said:

    IF they make a two seater, then I'm going to want a VF-1D and possibly the Ostrich as I haven't owned a two seater since Yamato's original 1/60 version. I never did get their 1/60 V2...but if they don't, I can stop after Hikaru's TV VF-1S. 

    yeah, yamato never made a 1/48 d or ostrich.  first ever?  man, that would be so rad!

  5. 4 minutes ago, myk said:

    I'm out after I get a Roy...


    1 hour ago, Milk Krispy said:

    Anyone have any speculation on future releases?

    pure speculation, but anyone think we'll see ostrich and elintseeker?

  6. 1 hour ago, jenius said:

    Not really, CDJ has a proxy marketplace function, that listing is part of that service, not their own listing.

    yeah, i guess.  from a consumer pov it's not too clear.  which seems like it should be.  in any case the price is being hosted on their retail experience.

  7. On 7/12/2020 at 1:07 PM, Anasazi37 said:

    Wanted to give you all a sneak preview of the waterslide decal sheet I'm working on and ask if it's missing anything critical, based on what we know about past and upcoming DX releases. It currently contains:

    • Pilot names for the canopy: 1st LT. Hikaru Ichijo, CPTN. Hikaru Ichijo, MAJ. Roy Focker, CPTN. Maximilian Jenius. They would be printed with and without the black background so you can either "paper over" the existing name on the canopy or apply a new one after carefully removing the existing name.
    • Modex numbers for the vertical stabilizer: 001, 011, 012, 013. I put all four on there based on the decal sheet that is supposed to come with the Hayao 1A. Again, they would be printed with and without the black background.
    • Skulls for the area behind the pilot
    • Ejection seat triangles
    • Skull for the heatshield

    The markings are either an exact match to what Bandai is using (skulls, modex numbers, and ejection seat triangles) or in the same style (pilot names). Some of the markings are designed to support @RedComet's custom Roy and Max 1S projects (and anyone else wanting to make those customs using the Hikaru 1S). There are duplicates of everything in case mistakes are made during application, but if you're used to working with waterslide decals, you could potentially dress up 2-4 valks with one set.




  8. 2 hours ago, RED WOLF said:

    I'd rather pay a little extra from NY knowing they will come through. I've never had any issues with them with numerous orders/preorders. Plus they have cancelled a couple of items in the past without cancelling my account, which is unheard of.

    yeesh... never ordered from nin nin before.  i have gone through ny.  makin' me nervous.  i got mine at 225 with nin nin...  maybe i need to make some drastic insurance plans

  9. Just now, jenius said:

    That's the first time I've seen "add to cart" at Nin Nin game... I wonder what went wrong last night.

    got mine on nin nin at 245.  clearly they're anticipating desperation and demand.  they sell their initial batch.  then slowly leak out a few at a time, with a marked up price in phases throughout the night.  we're feverishly trying to check out.  we either don't see the slight mark up, or we do see it and we don't care.  again, desperation...  nin nin started the night out at 150 and today is at 301-302...  how they secure their inventory, i'm sure that's another intriguing story...

  10. came home from vacation recently, and found these waiting for me!  thought i might have an extra or 2, but after taking a stock of which valks i'm hoping to get my hands on, looks like i'll need'em all these packs!



  11. 8 hours ago, rdrunner said:

    Agree.  It's such a shame that the DX Valkyrie is based on the Yamato V2 and has also included many improvements over its predecessor, but took a big reverse step in the strike pack design.  What a disappointment.

    i'm calling it now.  there's gonna be a renewal version of these.  bet!  they rushed these out to milk the demand.  esp with the stink being made now, they're gonna have a superior v2 or 3 released.

  12. 54 minutes ago, HardlyNever said:

    Do the missile booms themselves have any kind of internal detail?  I'm guessing no?

    The lack of internal detail at this price and this scale is pretty disappointing.  Not that I really used it much on the yamcadia's, it was still nice to know it was there and I did use it for hangar-style displays every once in a while.  We really shouldn't be moving backward at this price point.  Shame on Bandai.

    tampo printing cost a fortune dont'cha know...

  13. 20 minutes ago, jenius said:

    It's really close.... I don't have a problem with either but I prefer the reduced fuselage protrusion around the neck on the DX.


    yeah, it is close.  but that's the real subtle attention to detail of the new dx.  very well proportioned and balanced.  but yeah if ya get 'fixated' on the crotch area of the yammie 1/48, you can't unsee it...  but in fighter mode, it's a thing of beauty!  this is esp the case if ya compare it to recent designs (in fighter), esp starting with the vf-25s and so on.

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